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How to Use Du Battery Saver to Save Battery!

Do you often have to spend a lot of time playing games or opening your mobile apps? This turned out to be a factor that caused the phone’s battery to drain quickly. Open applications usually continue to run in the background and work actively, so that the battery capacity is consumed. Then what’s the solution? Don’t worry friends, you can use energy saving apps like DU Battery Saver. Do you know how to use Du Battery Saver to reduce the stress on your phone? If not, let’s check out the following review.

Get to know DU Battery Saver

Du Battery Saver App - 1610x924 Wallpaper -

Android smartphones have now become something that must be worn by everyone. No wonder that everyday use of Android phones cannot be avoided. Smartphones with increasingly sophisticated functions can support various human needs such as entertainment, work, communication, etc. In addition, with the presence of a variety of interesting applications to support the needs. One of them is Du Battery Saver, the most popular battery saving application for smartphone users. This application can extend the battery life of your cellphone. The way this application works is to identify the cause of the dead battery and provide solutions to fix it.

You battery saving functions

What makes DU Battery Saver so popular is that it has many features to help maximize phone performance and storage, including

  • Optimize button for cleaning up seldom used applications, optimization is enough with one click on your phone
  • There is an alarm system to remind you when the battery is low or in critical condition
  • Battery Monitor for battery usage statistics
  • Phone cooler for identifying applications that are affecting CPU performance
  • Additional information about the battery
  • Battery setting mode options such as sleep mode, general mode, and extension mode
  • Simple and efficient widget
  • There is a schedule for hiring at a specific time

How to use Du Battery Saver for Smartphones

Well, using You Battery Saver is very easy, friend, viz

  • Please download and install Du Battery Saver on your Android phone
  • Open the application, then you will get the following display tampilan
How to use the Du battery
How to use the Du battery
  • Wait a moment for the process to complete
  • In addition to the optimization process, you can also monitor the battery status while charging
How to use the Du battery
  • You can also monitor battery power status and identify currently active applications. In the menu under Optimization, click Monitor. The following screen is displayed.
  • Now that you have checked the battery performance, if you encounter a problem with your mobile phone, you have a solution. As in the previous discussion, you can set the battery usage mode for the next optimization step.

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Shut down

Excessive use of the phone over a long period of time will affect the condition of the battery. Opening and playing many applications in high brightness conditions will certainly cause the phone battery to run out quickly. So my friend needs to optimize by using DU Battery Saver as the best battery saving application. Please try it on your respective smartphones, friend!

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