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How to use Discord for PUBG mobile players

How to use Discord for PUBG Mobile players. Ever heard of the Discord application for playing PUBG Mobile? This application is a free voice chat application that you can use to communicate with other people. Usually this application is useful for gamers when playing online games. Recently, this application for gaming is on the rise again. In fact, the number of people who have downloaded and used it has skyrocketed. For gamers in general, this application can be useful for alternative communication tools by itself or just for the gaming community.

This is because there are games that have their own voice chat, but of poor quality. In fact, there are also those that don’t have voice chat functionality, even though it’s an online game that you can play with friends. The app is also available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS devices. You can also chat with friends while playing, even if they are installed on different devices. So how do you use the application? Check out how to use this one application for PUBG Mobile.

How to use Discord for PUBG mobile players On the smartphone

First of all, download the application first.

How to use Discord for PUBG mobile players

Then open the application and log in with the account you created by clicking the “Log In” button. If you don’t already have an account, click the Register button to create a new account.

How to use Discord for PUBG mobile players

After you have entered personal data in the form of birthdays, Vexa Buddies carries out “Verify”, which makes it very easy to prove that Vexa Buddies are not robots.

How to use Discord for PUBG mobile players

In addition, Vexa Friends can create their own “room” that Vexa Friends want. Select “Create my own”

Create the desired server name for Vexa and select an image that can be the identity of your Vexa “room”.

After that, select which themes can be the attraction of Vexa Buddy’s “room” when you are done, then select “Take me to my server!”

In the “Expires” section, select “No Limit” and follow the picture above. Vexa’s “room” is ready. Invite your good friends Vexa Buddy to take part!

To play PUBG Mobile through voice chat services, select the “three horizontal lines” menu in the upper left corner. Then click on the “General” submenu at the bottom of the “Voice Channels” menu. Then you click on “Join Voice”. The voice chat service is already active and you can use it to communicate while you play. To add your friends, click on the “+” symbol. To end the voice chat, simply press the red “x” button.

How to join a group or a Discord server

You can join other people’s servers, you can also join friends’ servers, gaming YouTubers, communities, or even the official server of a game like PUBG Mobile. Before joining the server, you must first have the server link. Please click the link, if you have it, you can follow the steps below.

The first step in joining another server is to select the icon menu.

After that, you can press the plus (+) icon and select the ‘Join a server

The next step is to put the server link you have in the column provided for it. Then select the “Join Server” button.

In the next step, the screen will display the name of the server you want to follow, then click the “Accept Invitation” button.

When you press the button, the server page that you want to follow opens automatically and you are successful join.

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Shut down

How about some Vexa friends? Are you interested in using these tips or have you used them before? Until next time.

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