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How to use the Awakening Shard in Free Fire

How to Use Awakening Shard FF – Free Fire introduced a new feature some time ago, namely the Awakening Shard feature. The awakening shard function itself is to awaken characters or increase character performance.

Not all characters can use the Awakening Shard in this free fire game as only selected characters can use it. At the moment, the selected character who can use the Awakening Shard is Kelly’s character.

Waking Kelly up is not easy and requires a little struggle. Because in order to wake Kelly up you must first complete the missions provided.

How to Use Awakening Shard in Free Fire
How to use Awakening Shard in FF

You will also receive an Awakening Shard after completing the mission. The Awakening Shard is used to enhance Kelly’s Awakening character.

How to Use the Awakening Shard

For those of you who are curious and don’t know how to use the awakening shard in the free fire game, you can listen to how to use the awakening shard below:

  1. You need to complete the Awakening Shard mission first. You can see these missions in Character> select the Kelly character> select the awakening menu> awakening mission.
  2. Complete the mission which consists of walking 400 km, defeating 200 enemies in any mode except Custom, teaming 100 times and crashing 20 times in any mode except Custom.
  3. When you complete these missions, Kelly will receive the Swift Deluxe Bundle and an Awakening Shard as well.
  4. You can also upgrade the Kelly awakening character that you get from the mission by using the awakening shard.
  5. To make Kelly Awakening better, you can go to the character menu and then select Kelly. Improve Deadly Velocity by pressing the button next to it.
  6. To upgrade you need two awakening shards. Press the upgrade button to upgrade Kelly’s Awakening.
  7. With this upgrade, the Kelly Awakening Skill will be activated automatically after 7 seconds of running.

That’s the way you have to awaken Kelly and use the awakening shard as well.

The steps to making Kelly Awaken that you have to do are not immediate, but they will be worth what you get.

The existence of this awakening can lead you to dominate the game by using Kelly. There are enough tutorials with the awakening shard that we can share, hopefully it will be useful.

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