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How to top up the latest Zepetto Point Blank (fill in cash)

How to top up the latest Zepetto Point Blank (fill in cash) – Hello Indonesian PB friends. On this occasion I will share how to top up cash / top up cash at point blank zepetto. Since Point Blank has changed the owner from Garena to Zepetto, I am giving my friend the Top Cash Point Blank Zepetto method here.
How to top up the latest Zepetto Point Blank 2021 (fill in cash)
How to fill Zepetto’s Cash Point Blank with Credit Pul – The situation where spaces have been moved is not the first time, but the third time. When transferring Point Blank from Garena to Zepetto, you must be clear about how you can top up cash at Pointblank Zepetto.
How to top up Cash Point Blank Zepetto – At the beginning of the Gemscool Point Blank era it was very easy to deposit cash because if we wanted to top up we just had to buy G-Cash / Shell Garena vouchers that were scattered around the nearest internet cafes. But what about the era of PB Zepetto ?? Will there be a voucher system?

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In the quote I got from Zepetto it said that the Zepetto vouchers are limited for the time being and have not been distributed across the country hahaha. So, for those of you who want to top up cash / top up cash on PB Zepetto. You can use the following method.


1. You can go to the official Indonesian blank site first, namely

2. If so, just look at the bottom right and you will find a menu called “RECHARGE CENTER“then click on the menu

How to top up Cash Point Blank Zepetto

3. You will then be asked to log in.

4. In this section there are different types of cash my friend can use to keep cash in spaces such as: Point Blank voucher, NicePay, CodaPay, XimPay, GocPay. You can see below. (Here I will use CodaPay (top credit). By Point blank vouchers still restricted, I suggest using the CodaPay content system, it’s easier, faster and easier, just click on it buddy)

How to fill out Zepetto's Cash Point Blank

5. Then, my friend, scroll down and select the nominal amount you want to top up. Then click on the menu “Continue payment

How to top up cash PB Zepetto

6. Wait for it to load, then my friend will choose the payment system you want to use or not. I will be using pulse here XL / AXLE (Simply top up the credit, nyoss immediately)

How to fill out PB Zepetto Cash

7. Then click on “Continue“, then here, my friend, enter your mobile number and click on”ContinueWhen the payment is complete, the money will be automatically added to your PB Zepetto account, friend. Have fun !!

How to fill out PB Cash with credit

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