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How to top up FF vouchers at Skedebebes

Load free Skede voucher ff?? IG account skedebebes.voucher is currently selling free Fire Diamond top-up services at a great price. Of course, a lot of FF players want to buy it.

Obviously, if you are playing the Free Fire game you will need diamonds. This diamond is used to buy various necessities or items that can be used while playing free fire games, you can get various items like characters, skins, weapons or other items by buying them with diamonds.

The way to get that diamond is to buy it. Now there are many vendors offering free fire diamonds that can be bought from free fire players.

For example, Codashop, Unipin, and even SIM card providers have made this free fire diamond product available. Not only that, anyone can sell diamonds at a predetermined price.

There are many famous people in the Free Fire game who are currently selling this diamond for a cheap and fast price. one example is Skedebebes.

Skedebebes Voucher is an Instagram account owned by an FF player and also a YouTuber, namely Obbyphy. In addition to selling diamond recharge services, this Obbyphy also sells free fire jockey services that will increase your account balance when you use these services. depending on which package is to be selected.

The price for diamond-free fire on Skedebebes varies. From cheapest price to most expensive diamond below is the diamond reload price when this article was published

Skedebebes charging FF
Instagram account Skedebebes

Judging by the picture above, the price of diamond vouchers is relatively cheap compared to other shops. It may be for this reason that many Free Fire players want to top up this Free Fire Diamond Voucher, and the first time you top up Skedebebes you will know the Diamond Free Fire content guide with the steps below.

How to load diamond-free fire vouchers at Skedebebes

First of all, make sure you have an Instagram and Line account.

Go directly to the official skedebebes.voucher account on Instagram.

Then you can click the link like in this picture.

Instagram account Skedebebes.voucher

You will be automatically redirected to a line account, add a friend with ID @ skedebebes.voucher and then send a message to the account in a format like this


Send the message to Line with the ID @ skedebebes.voucher

After that, wait for the administrator to answer. The estimated time is at least 1-3 minutes, pretty quick.

You can then proceed with a payment for the purchase process. OVO, Credit, GO Pay, Bank BRI and Bank BCA can be used as payment methods.

Don’t forget to ask for a receipt as proof of payment, then take a photo of the receipt and send it to the skedebebes administrator. Wait a moment for the diamond free fire you purchased to reach your account

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