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How to summon God in Magic Chess

If you play Magic Chess you must have seen an enemy conjure up God. This one monster is very strong indeed because it can withstand the body in front, although the damage done is not too great. Perhaps many of you are curious about how to summon God in Magic Chess.

How to summon God in the latest Magic Chess can’t actually be done as the synergy has been removed from Moonton. So in this latest patch you can’t summon God, but who knows, you can summon this powerful monster again in the future.

How to summon monsters in Magic Chess

There are two requirements that you must meet if you want to know how to summon monsters in Magic Chess. The prerequisite is that you have to use the synergy of Summoner and Commander Benny.

Summoner Synergy

To summon monsters in Magic Chess, you have to use the summoner synergy. This synergy is very strong indeed, especially in the early game as there is an additional monster unit. This synergy is perfect for those of you who want to play aggressively.

If you want to get Lord you must first activate the synergy of 4 summoners. Magic Chess’ summoner heroes are Diggie, Zhask, Sun and Popol Kupa. You will have to use these four heroes if you want to summon God into the battle arena.

This synergy is very strong in the early game, but unfortunately not very effective in the late game. Even if the lord you are calling has big HP, he will not be strong enough to take on enemy heroes who are already level 3.

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You can combine this Summoners synergy with Dragon Altar, Marksman and Celestial.

Now the latest news is that the Moonton Summoners’ synergy has been removed. Because Sun, Diggie and Popol Kupa are no longer part of Magic Chess either. Meanwhile, Zhask has also changed his role from Summoners to Shape Shifter.

Commander Benny (Skill 2)

The next way to summon buffs in Magic Chess is to use Benny’s 2 Commander ability. So when you use this commander you have an extra unit on the chessboard.

The higher the level of your Commander in the game, the more powerful the monsters that will be used will be. At the start of the game, you will be given a minion unit, which Mimin says is very useful for keeping the body forward.

Benny’s 2nd skill is very well suited to be combined with the summoner’s synergy, although according to Admin it is less exciting in the late game as there is no damage. But you can combine it with Dragon Altar or Marksman. This makes the Summoners combo even more powerful.

So how to summon God in Magic Chess is not going to work anymore folks because the summoner synergy has been removed from Moonton. But if you want to summon monsters it is still possible and that is, you have to use 2 Commander Benny’s skill.

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