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How to Submit Pubg Via Mi Drop Bonus Latest Installation Tutorial

Hello everyone, this time admin would like to discuss how to send pubg via mi drop Android. Because games like this have data / paths that need to be downloaded when the game is installed.

How to send Pubg via Mi Drop

Because games with data usually have a large capacity. So if friends have 2 Android phones or friends want to play this game too.

No need to waste internet quotas downloading related games. Enough with sending Pubg by Noodle drops from an Android phone that has the game installed to an Android phone that does not have the game installed.

In other words, tutorials like this one are specially designed for friends who want to save internet quotas without downloading large capacity games.

If your friends ‘cellphones already have the game, just send them to your friends’ Android phones.

Especially with games like PUBG Mobile, friends can save 1.5 GB of contingent and do not have to wait until the download process is complete.

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So this time send large capacity Android games along with their data using the Mi Drop application. For friends who don’t really know how the Mi Drop application works, don’t get it wrong at first.

Many people think that the Mi Drop application is an application developed by Xiaomi. So the Mi Drop application can only be used on Xiaomi phones, this is a misunderstanding.

The Mi Drop application is designed to make it easier to send data to other Android devices. Whether for xiaomi, samsung, htc, oppo, vivo, zte, sony and others. In other words, this Mi Drop application can be used on all Android phones.

The administrator uses the method of sending Pubg via mi drop because the delivery process, whether it is MP3 songs, files, videos, applications and others, is easier with mi drop. In order for the administrator to feel that all Android users can easily send their Android phone files to other Android phones.

How to send Pubg via mi drop

1. Install the Mi Drop application first, both Android phones, both those receiving files and those sending files. Once installed, make sure that all access to the Mi Drop application is enabled, e.g. B. Bluetooth access, WiFi, phone storage and others.

2. Open mi drop on the Android phone that you want to send the game along with the game data, then select the SEND menu as shown below. Then highlight the game you want to send. For example, this time the administrator wants to send the latest Pubg-Mobile update with xiaomi to the mobile phone that the administrator is using.

3. Next, select the Application tab (Android robot icon) and then highlight pubg mobile. See the image below for more information.

4. After marking pubg mobile, the administrator now goes to the file manager by selecting the corner tab on mi drop and then android> obb> tencent (note: the average game that contains data is saved in the obb folder ) like selecting an image, then also mark the dates of this Pubg mobile game.

5. After the two admin files are selected, select Send. Next, make sure the Mi Drop application is open on the Android phone that is trying to receive this file and select Receive.

6. Wait for the Android phone to search for the closest device that you want to send the game file to. When the two Android phones have opened Mi Drop, one will be sent and the other received. Then the search process will show the name of the Android device receiving the file as shown below.

7. To continue sending files, select the name of the device displayed. When the Android phone displays a notification that it is about to receive data. Select OK and approve, wait for the Mi Drop process to connect when both Android devices are connected. Then the process of sending the file is processed immediately. Wait for it to finish.

Bonus How to install games and move obb files sent from mi Drop application

1. Enable third-party installation access on friends’ Android phones, open the Settings menu, then select Security or Security and enable or check UNKNOWN SOURCES.

2. If friends have Unknown Sources mode enabled, install the game apk you received. To see all the files received by Mi Drop, please open the file manager application and find the MIUI folder> then select Mi Drop.

3. After you find the APK game you received, select Install the pubg mobile game. After the installation is complete, make sure your friends’ Android phones are not connected to the internet, turn off the data and WiFi packets, or turn on airplane mode as well.

4.Then open the game, a network error notification will appear when opening the game, then force close the game, the main purpose of opening the game when the data package is not activated, and then forcibly closing the game when network error appears , aims to have the pubg game automatically create a path game folder in the android obb folder.

5. The final step is to open the file manager on your friends’ Android phones then open the MIUI folder> MIDROP> and then select the path or pubg game data which is over 1GB as in the image above highlighted after the meeting then select Move TO or CUT.

6. Then select the location to transfer the file to the Android >> obb >> Tencent folder. When friends find the folder, select Paste as shown below.

7. After the transfer process is complete, please activate the internet package on your friends’ Android phones and the final step is to open this Pubg mobile game. Wait for the path discovery process we postponed. Usually after checking the path or game data, the game will check for updates and download another 15MB file. When all the updates are complete, a notification will pop up to restart the game, select OK, and finally, congratulations, the PUBG Mobile game, friends, has moved.

This is what friends are about how to send pubg via mi drop. Thank you for visiting this article. This article was written by Google which is modified by the admin with its own language model.
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