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How to set PUBG Mobile Graphics to the latest Ultra HD 2021

How to Set PUBG HD Graphics (How to Set PUBG Mobile Graphics to Latest Ultra HD 2021) – PUBG Mobile is actually a very difficult game.

How to change the PUBG graphics to the latest Ultra HD

The file size alone reaches 2GB.
So it takes a high-spec device to play it.

Fortunately, however, the game developer offers several graphics quality options so this game can still be played on devices with different specs.

What’s even better is that the graphics quality is adapted to the device specifications.
If friends use HP with low specs, the graphics quality will certainly be set to the lowest level to make the game smoother.

If, on the other hand, you use a mobile phone with high specifications such as the Xiaomi Black Shark, then the graphics must be set to the highest position.

This difference in graphics settings will certainly have a huge impact on the graphics display, making it different.

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The highest graphics setting, namely Ultra HD, improves the gaming experience as the images appear more real.

The opposite is true for the lowest graph.

For friends who have the lowest graphics settings by default and want to try the Ultra HD graphics settings, here’s a try below.

How to Set PUBG HD Graphics (How to Set PUBG Mobile Graphics to Ultra HD on All HP)

1. Please friends, open your PUBG Mobile game. Then click the gear icon to bring up the settings menu.

2. Then click the Graphics tab.

3. Then at the top you will see that there are 5 choices for PUBG Mobile graphics quality. From the left is the lowest and from the right the higher quality. For the highest quality please, friends, choose the Ultra HD option.

4. If the cell phone you are using is of high specification and supports the use of Ultra HD graphics, you can keep playing. On the other hand, if your friends’ HP specs are low, a “Coming soon!” Notification will appear. which means you cannot use the graphics settings. Click OK to continue.

Tips for changing the graphics quality of PUBG Mobile

In fact, PUBG Mobile definitely adjusts the graphics quality so that it runs smoothly on the devices friends are using.

Unless your friends’ devices are too spec, be sure to use FINE graphics.

However, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can follow the method above to use higher graphics settings.

But as the Indodominic administrator wrote above, you cannot use the highest quality graphics if your device does not support it.

The solution, friends, can use the graphics quality one notch down.

If you can’t use Ultra HD graphics, friends can use HDR.

If HDR is not possible, use HD. Etc.

But based on the experience of the Indo-Dominican admin playing PUBG Mobile, even the “FINE” quality is worth enjoying.

Thank you friends for visiting the article how to publish HD graphics.

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