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How to set the best FF sensitivity for beginners, Booyah more often!

Free Fire (FF) is emerging as an FPS battle royale game that is loved by various circles. Garena managed to spread the popularity of Free Fire by working with various pop culture icons, from music DJs to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (CR 7) to famous anime titles (One Punch Man and Attack on Titan) that later appeared as refreshing update update.

Simple and casual gameplay, fast and exciting battles make Free Fire one of the best options for shooter games for smartphone users. Well, in shooter games, aiming at the target (s) becomes very important. Of course, for survivors (as FF players) who have been playing for a while, they already understand the sensitivity settings. Well, this is also something you need to know for those of you who are new to playing FF.

One of the most important factors in the Free Fire FPS game is sensitivity. the settings Free fire sensitivity plays an important role in improving shooting and shooting performance. With the right settings, you can play better, make more shots, and aim more accurately. Yup! You’ll be surprised how big the difference is after using the correct sensitivity settings

The best sensitivity settings for Free Fire beginners:

1. General: 95-100
2. Red point: 80-85
3. 2x range: 80-85
4. 4x range: 60-65
5. AWM area: 35-40

Note: these settings are just a reference folks, you can tweak them to suit your own style of play. Give it a try and make adjustments to find the most suitable setting. You can test and change the sensitivity settings on the training ground or directly in the Clash Squad mode.

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How to change the sensitivity in Garena Free Fire

Open the free fire game
First of all, you need to open Free Fire first. Wait a moment to go to the main page.

Enter settings
After calling up the main page, you can access the settings menu by pressing the button with the jagged symbol (Settings).

Login sensitivity
After that, you can select the Sensitivity tab from the list on the left

Adjust sensitivity
Now we can adjust the sensitivity as desired. We can adjust the sensitivity in general when using red point scopes to AWM scopes.

If you want to reset the sensitivity, you need to reset it to the default settings first, just hit the “Reset” button.

Well, these are the best sensitivity adjustment tips and tricks for Free Fire beginners. Stay up to date with the latest Free Fire news in League Game! Visit Instagram and Youtube which are always updated and up to date.

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