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How to send Mobile Legends Skins to your friend's account

Hi Vexa friends, this time the admin is going to discuss how to send Mobile Legends Skins to your friends so that your friendship grows closer. The skin itself is very important in the Mobile Legends game. With a skin there are additional attributes that can strengthen your hero. But the skin is not the key to victory, but in the Mobile Legends game, team cohesion is the key to victory. This gift skin can also apply to those who want to sell Mobile Legends skins. The way to give away this skin is also quite simple, but there are conditions that you must meet.

Terms for Submitting Mobile Legends Skins

  • Make sure you have enough diamonds
  • You have reached level 15
  • You and your friends have been friends in the game for at least 7 days
  • The giving and receiving of skin can only be done three times in 24 hours

If these conditions are met, you can send the skin to your friends directly, okay, let’s look at the explanation.

How to send Mobile Legends Skins

1. Go to Mobile Legends and select the Shop / Shop menu

Mobile Legends gift skin
Pay attention to the pink box

2. Click the gift icon (gift from friends) on the top of the screen

Mobile Legends Shop

3. Then select the skin you want to send and make sure the number of diamonds matches your diamonds!

Send Mobile Legends Skin

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4. Find the friend’s name / server id you want to send the skin to, or if your friend is already on the list, you can hit send right away!

5. Finally, when you have clicked Send and OK, give your friends a message about the gift you sent

Can you write a message about sending this skin?
Select OK and the ski will be sent successfully!

6. Yeeee !!! The skis have arrived with your friends, your friends will of course be very happy after receiving the skins!

Nice free X-Borg skin

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Shut down

This is a quick tutorial on how to send a Mobile Legends skin to your friends. You can also use this method if you want to sell skins. All you have to do is set the profit based on the price of the diamond skin you are selling. Yapss Hope this article is useful! And don’t you forget to follow Vexa Game’s social media?

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