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How to Send ML Skins to Friends Without Diamonds

how to send ml skin to friends without diamonds – The Mobile Legends game is very exciting indeed when played together with friends. The excitement of the Mobile Legends game will only increase when you can share it with some friends.

When you have enough hero skins, you can try sharing them with some friends.

In this Mobile Legends game, you can also send skins to friends without having to use diamonds.

Of course, this is also more interesting considering that you don’t need diamonds for the delivery process and your friends can enjoy the skins received too.

How to Send ML Skins to Friends Without Diamonds
Mobile legends

Then how can you send ml skin without diamonds to friends? You can read the following reviews.

How to send skins to friends without diamonds

  1. The first step you need to do is open the Mobile Legends game application on your favorite device.
  2. If you can visit the soup by clicking on the fragment, then the rare skin shop. Try to select a skin to send.
  3. After the skin selection is complete, you can click the Back button immediately
  4. Then my friend can quickly click the Gift Skin or Gift Skin button.
  5. If you get off the list of skins, try again quickly clicking the Back button.
  6. Then you can go to Shop> Fragment> and Rare Skin Shop, then the Buy button will change to Send or Gift.
  7. Then you can transfer the skin to another account of your friend.

How to Transfer Mobile Legends Skin to Another Account Without Diamonds

  1. Try opening the Mobile Legends game application on your Android phone
  2. It opens Shop> Fragment> and Rare Skin Shop Skin
  3. Try to choose the skin you want and give it to your friends as a gift.
  4. Then you can click the back button again as usual and assign a skin, but you can press it quickly to press it. If it fails, you’ll have to start over.
  5. But if it works, you can gift the skin to your friends right away and the diamond price will change to ??
  6. In order for the zero to become a diamond price number, you can close it first and go to ?? Skin ?? walk. Scroll down and you will find the Alpha Hero Skin.
  7. Then you can close and go to the fragment. Select the skin that was used before and you can send it to a friend right away.

This way you can give skins to friends for free without having to use Diamond. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Do you want to try it too?

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