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How to scan for viruses quickly and easily with Avast

How to scan for viruses quickly and easily with Avast – A computer virus is a program that someone created to destroy or monitor any file on a computer. Its working principle is to spread a malicious program in a file or document. The effects of computer viruses vary from inserting a file to damaging files to hiding a file.

There are dangers posed by computer viruses, many of the developers started creating a program to repel and eradicate computer viruses. This program is known as an antivirus. Many antivirus applications and programs have solved many computer virus problems.

This time we’re going to talk about one of the antivirus applications, which is Avast Antivirus. This antivirus has many users and has the advantage of dealing with computer viruses. Then how do you scan for viruses with Avast? see the following review.

Before you scan for viruses with Avast, discuss the history

Before we talk about this application, it would be nice to know briefly how dangerous computer viruses are. If a computer virus is spread, it can wreak havoc on your computer. The following are some of the dangers a computer virus can pose:

  • The data on the computer can be stolen
  • Can remove important files or documents
  • Decrease the computer’s performance
  • Can overwhelm hard drive space as it duplicates itself
  • Files become corrupted and problematic
  • There is wiretapping and monitoring of computers
  • Unusual memory and CPU usage
  • Computer hot so often

Avast antivirus app

Avast is an application from security company Alwil Software that uses technology to ward off a virus and fight cybercrime. This application was released on 19 with the release of an antivirus application for Windows x64. Currently, the development of Avast Antivirus is very significant, namely in the current era it has started to evolve in terms of malware detection and blocking, IoT, AI and machine learning.

There are several products avast offers for securing a system, namely free premium versions for one device or multiple devices and ultimate packages. The free version has limited functions, including the following to block viruses and malware, scan for security holes in a wireless network, and protect yourself against ransomware. In the Ultimate and Premium packages there are features like destroying permanent files, automatically updating applications, preventing hacking and so on.

How to scan for viruses quickly and easily with Avast

The operation of avast itself is quite simple with the help of a very attractive and easy to understand user interface. To run a virus scan with Avast Security easily:

1. Download and install Avast Free Antivirus Security

2. Open the Avast Free Antivirus app

3. Then choose the protect button then there are many options and then choose Virus Scan

How to scan with avast.  after viruses

4. After that, choose Smart Scan, then the scanning process will start by detecting browser threats, outdated applications that need to be updated, virus and malware and other problems

5. Click Next if you see the button, or skip it if you don’t want to scan

6. Wait for the process to complete

How to scan with avast.  after viruses

7. To perform a thorough virus scan from system to memory by selecting the protect button, select Virus Scan, and then click Thorough Virus Scan. The scanning process will be carried out automatically

8. In addition to being able to scan for viruses, Avast also has real-time virus and malware protection features, namely the ability to select the protection button and then choose core protection and then tick all protections so that they can be maintained in real time

How to scan with avast.  after viruses

9. Another function is that it can perform a scan at boot, namely when the computer starts by selecting the protection button> Virus scan> Boot time scan and then installing the definition first. Then click Run the next time you restart your PC to enable this feature

How to scan with avast.  after viruses

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Hence a discussion on how to scan antivirus with avast. So users don’t need to be afraid to back up files or documents on the computer. Hopefully useful, friend Vexa Game

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