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How to Report a Healthy Fire: Get Free Diamonds?

How to Report a Bug Free Fire – Free Fire is one of the most popular games that still has a strong user base. However, like games in general, Free Fire is not free from in-game bugs either.

This bug is a kind of design flaw that occurs in the game, which makes the game look weird when it doesn’t run normally. Even well-known games like Free Fire must have had bugs due to incomplete development.

Hence, a feature appears that allows you to report bugs in the Free Fire game to the developer. That way, the errors you report to Free Fire will be resolved instantly.

Report a bug on Advance Server Free Fire, what can you get?

It is common knowledge that Advance Server Free Fire has more bugs than regular servers. This is because the Advance Server is a testing ground before the update is started on the original server.

If you find a lot of errors on the Advance Server, you can report them to Garena so that Garena can fix the error.

Reporting a bug means you are helping Garena identify bugs in the game. For this reason, Garena gives prizes to anyone who reports a bug in the Free Fire game.

How to report a Free Fire bug
How to report a Free Fire bug

The award is given in the form of diamonds of different denominations depending on the defects found. You can get 3000 diamonds, 2000 diamonds, or 100 diamonds by reporting bugs.

How to Report Bugs in Free Fire to Get Free Diamonds

If you’ve found a bug in Advance Server, you can report it right away. To report bugs in Free Fire:

  1. Make sure you already have an account on Advance Server. You can register an Advance Server account by visiting the page:
  2. You can then log into the Advance Server Free Fire website.
  3. Click the Find Bugs button to get diamonds to report bugs.
  4. You will then be asked a few questions about the errors found. Answer all existing questions according to the errors found.
  5. Enter a description of the error found, then enter your smartphone model.
  6. Upload evidence of an error in the form of an image or video.
  7. Click the Done button to submit a bug report.

After reporting a bug, you can wait a while for the Diamond Reward to appear in your account. That is the information on reporting Free Fire errors that we can present this time.

Happy troubleshooting and good luck with getting free diamonds.

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