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How to reduce video size without sacrificing quality

How to reduce video size without sacrificing quality – Okay, how are you online friends? This time I want to share more tips and tutorials Here’s how to reduce the size of a large video to a small one without sacrificing the quality of the video. Maybe you are looking for this article because you want to upload it to either Youtube, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Google Drive, and others. Yes, I am really annoyed that the video file is large, but it takes too long to upload it.

How to reduce large to small video sizes

Convert / Reduce Video MP4 Size, Avi Android – Yes my friend came to the right website because here I am going to share tips and tutorials so that you can reduce the size of your video and also the quality of the video does not change / break. Okay, here I am going to show you how to compress video size using the HandBrake software or application.

How to reduce video size without reducing video quality Kualitas

1. Friend First download the software>HERE

2. Then my friend opens the HandBrake application.

3. The HandBrake menu screen will appear.

HandBrake menu display

4. Next buddy click Source file > file > Find the video / file that you want to reduce the size > Click the Open button.

Find the file / video that you want to shrink

5. Continue in the menu VIDEO Please my friend set it according to the picture below.

HandBrake video menu

6th section aim > Manage storage output according to your requirements.

7. Click on begin > Wait for the video size reduction to finish (Video coding).

Until waiting for the conversion process to complete

Note: Long / Fast The process depends on the size of the video to be converted.

8. When you are finished, is displayed Queue ready.

9. The picture below shows that the video size has been reduced.

The difference between shrunk and earlier videos

Note: Not all videos can be scaled down in the HandBrake software. Because every software has its strengths and weaknesses.

A couple of the articles How to reduce the video size without reducing the quality Kualitas. If you still don’t understand something. Please friends comment below and I’ll try to help you.


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