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How to Recover a Lost COC Account

How to Recover a Lost COC Account In terms of popularity, the game Clash of Clans is actually losing now if we compare it to other games. That doesn’t mean that no one is playing the game that has fans from different countries. Especially for those of you who have played this game for a long time. Even if your mobile phone changes repeatedly, COC will still be available and installed on your device. The easy access to the game from different devices is also what keeps many Clash of Clans fans loyal to it.

Are you thinking about playing the game Clash of Clans again but lost your account? Don’t panic, now you no longer have to worry if the COC account is overwritten or left in the old mobile phone. Yes, there are already many ways in which you can find your lost COC account. You can use the following method to restore COC account directly

How to Recover Lost COC Account Akun

1. Android / IOS COC support page

This method is effective when you town hall Yours does not reach level 4. As you can see, this directly affects the process of recovering your account.

  • Open your Clash of Clans app
  • On the home page of the COC game, tap the Settings icon.
  • Then press the Help and Support menu
  • Then press the Report Problem menu
COC settings
  • Scroll down and then select Contact
  • Then contact Supercell by describing your problem in the following format: village name, clan name, town hall level, last time COC played and your lost COC email
  • After that, wait for a response from Supercell and follow Supercell’s steps to restore your account

2. Send email to Supercell Pihak

If you can’t remember your old phone’s email address, you can contact Supercell directly at the address [email protected]. You will get help recovering the lost account.

When contacting the developer, you will need to provide some information about the village from your lost COC account. The information includes the following lost village names, registered clan names, your town hall level, and the last time you played the COC account. Then wait 2-4 weeks until there is an answer for you. It usually doesn’t take long for Supercell to reply to your email

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Shut down

This is an explanatory article on how to recover a lost COC account. Vexa friends can apply the above steps directly. So you can continue with the game that has existed since using the old HP. Until next time.

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