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How to publish Japanese by changing the global version of voice chat

Publish in Japanese

Hello loyal Indodominian visitors, wherever there are friends, this time the administrator will provide information about it how to publish japanese.

The Japanese Pubg method is a technique where you change the quick chat that is usually used for quick communication.

Since the language or voice in Voice Quick Chat is the same or is generally used in English, friends may get a little bored with the language. In fact, besides English, friends can change the quick chat voice to another language like Japanese. Using Quick Chat for Japanese could be more interesting.

The following describes the Japanese Pubg method by changing the Indo-Dominican version of voice chat.

Publish in Japanese

1. First of all, you need to download the Quick Chat Voice file first to change the Quick Chat voice in PUBG Mobile. You need to have multiple Quick Chat files for friends to download. Don’t forget to save the downloaded file in which folder.
Quick chat male version -> Download

Quick chat Loli version -> Download

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2. After the download is complete, in the next step install the ZDevs ZArchiver application and open the file downloaded by your friends with a ZAR or ZIP file on your smartphone.

3. The next step is to open the ZArchiver application and open the previously downloaded files folder.

4. Press the downloaded file, and then copy the Quick Chat file to the device memory. The trick is to select Device Storage -> Android -> Data -> com.tencent.ig -> File -> EA4Game -> ShadowTrackerExtra -> Saved -> and paste it into SaveGames

5. Next, select the insert icon like the red arrow, then check Run All Files -> Select Replace

6. In the next step, open PUBG Mobile -> Select Settings -> Quick Chat. You have already seen some of the languages ​​that you added earlier.

To return to the original language or English, please select Standard.

7. And done.

The Japanese Pubg method above is most likely effective for changing the voice quick chat as it uses the language more like the voices of anime characters.

Japanese pub

The second Japanese Pubg method is to follow the tutorial above as it is guaranteed to work.

Maybe that’s enough for a quick review Publish in Japanese. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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