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How to play Wanwan Bug Ultimate True Damage

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
This time, I’m going to give an overview of the mobile legend’s hero, namely Guide Wanwan and the Ultimate Bug Wanwan True Damage in Mobile Legends.

Guide wanwan

Wanwan is a sniper hero with a fairly high level of difficulty. Hero wanwan gameplay is quite difficult as the ultimate ability has to be activated first in order to use it by removing any weaknesses or markings of the enemy hero in order to develop his abilities, but the enemy does not allow that, so will Hero wanwan said to be a hero who has a high level of difficulty. However, if this skill can be activated, it will do enormous damage, and if the first targeted hero is eliminated, Wanwan’s final time will be extended and he will target the closest enemy hero. Additionally, Wanwan now has something that Moonton didn’t fix. If he is using an ulty but the ulty is not active, Wanwan will perform a normal attack. Wanwan does real damage with it with no cooldown, but the bug can be activated when you’ve bought an endless combat item. Tips on using the wanwan bug, make sure you have bought endless combat items or lightning bolts as these items do real damage. To use the bug, even though the ultimate wanwan is still locked, hit the ultimate wanwan and then perform a basic attack. As a result, the basic attack does real damage like Hero Karrie. However, Karrie takes 5 times her normal attack to deal real damage. In this wanwan if we press ulty and then the basic attack it will do real damage instantly and if we press it again the basic attack will do real damage again with no cooldown, wow amazing. Use immediately before Moonton repairs. We return to the main topic which is the Wanwan Hero Guide, here is the Wanwan Mobile Legends Build, check this out !.

Warrior boots
The first item in the Wanwan Mobile Legend build is Swift Boots. This item is an attack speed shoe that can increase the speed of basic attacks and also increases movement speed for Wanwan.

Raptor machete
The second item in the Wanwan Mobile Legend build is a Raptor machete. This item is a jungle item so it will be faster when farming. This item also offers physical attack and physical penetration to the enemy. The next basic attack does real damage to the enemy and also causes a slow effect. So this article is suitable for core heroes like Wanwan. This item must be used by heroes like Wanwan, guys. With the help of this item, Wanwan will deal damage to jungle monsters.

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Corrosion scythe
This third item is an item that can add physical attack and attack speed in addition to movement speed. Wanwan has an ultimate that is pretty difficult to activate. This item gives Wanwan time to reward the enemy and activate the ultimate skill as this item gives the enemy a 50% slow. So this item is suitable for Wanwan as it not only deals physical damage but also has a slow effect which is useful for Wanwan to activate their ultimate ability.

Demon hunter sword
This fourth item is designed to help Wanwan deal more damage to enemies and enemy tanks. This item offers physical attack and attack speed useful in the battle for Wanwan, plus it can deal extra damage to creeps and minions, and each basic attack offers physical lifesteal. This item is said to give Wanwan more lethality to the enemy.

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Wind of nature
Now this fifth item must be used by Wanwan to be immune to enemy physical attacks. If Wanwan wants to activate the ultimate, there will definitely be less progress or a desire to be able to activate the ultimate. This item provides immunity to all physical damage and lasts for 2 seconds. This item protects Wanwan from high physical damage so as not to be eliminated. With this, Wanwan becomes a hero who is not so easily eliminated and can also move forward to activate the ultimate ability as much as possible, and this item is sure to be a life stealer too. woowww!

Blade of Despair
This item is the final item that grants a very high physical attack. When the ultimate skill is activated, this item can help Wanwan deal huge damage to the enemy so they can be eliminated quickly, guys. So this item is also clearly mandatory, because this item is the heart of the hero boys. So you have to buy this Blade of Despair Item Gess.

This is Wanwan’s build

wanwan article

Hopefully it’s useful guys.

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