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How to play PUBG Mobile Emulator without being recognized

How to Play PUBG Mobile Emulator Without Detection, Gameloop is an official emulator from Tencent. Later, you can play different kinds of Android games on your PC by tweaking the graphics and making the game smoother. Gameloop contains standard games from Tencent such as Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) Mobile from PlayerUnknown. So it will be easy for you to play PUBG Mobile games.

So you play PUBG Mobile games on a PC or laptop while your opponents and friends are using Android smartphones, of course you can’t. Because you have to play with players who are different emulator users. So here are some tips and tricks to help you play PUBG Mobile games on Gameloop without being recognized by the emulator. To play the PUBG Mobile Emulator without being detected:

Let’s see how to play PUBG Mobile Emulator without being discovered

The first step

Open the Gameloop application that you downloaded and installed on your PC or laptop, then click on the exit picture during the PUBG Mobile Home sign-in process. It usually takes 3 clicks to exit the game.

Second step

Then press the F9 key to bring up hidden applications from Gameloop and then download the EsFileExplorer application through the browser. Keep in mind that not all applications can be run using Gameloop

Third step

When you’ve installed, open the application. Then don’t forget to activate “Root Exploler” and go to the “/” directory in the internal memory.

fourth step

Then open the init.vbox86.rc file and edit it via the text of Es Note Editor, then put a fence on the following three scripts.

Fifth step

PUBG Mobile Emulator

Enter the script you downloaded earlier into the setprop 1 script. The thing to remember is that no part of the script will be deleted or overlooked.

Sixth step

PUBG Mobile Emulator

Then go to the “/data/data/com.tencent.ig/files” directory and delete the “tss_tmp” files. If it doesn’t exist, refresh and then you will see the tss_tmp file or tss_tmp folder.

Seventh step

Enter data “C:” or system data on your PC or laptop. Then go to the directory “windows / system32 / drivers / etc”. Then open the hosts file by right-clicking and opening with the Notepad or Notepad ++ application. Then you open.

Eighth step

PUBG Mobile Emulator

Add this script “” to the end of the hosts file.

Ninth step

When you have saved the “hosts.file” files and restarted your Gameloop, open the PUB Mobile game again.

Tenth step

PUBG Mobile Emulator

If these steps are successful, you will not see a notification when you log in to the PUBG Mobile game that you have entered the emulator server. If you fail, you can repeat steps 3-8 times

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Shut down

This way, you can play the PUBG Mobile emulator without being discovered. With Vexa friends, are you interested in using these tips? Did you use these tips? Until next time.


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