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How to Play Hay Day to Get Rich Quick

How to Play Hay Day to Get Rich Quick – Hay Day is an online farming game. The game Hay Day itself is a game developed by Supercell in 2012. Many fans of Hay Day because this game is very interesting to play and relax. Even so, Hay Day is a challenging game for some people who like the challenge of developing farmland. There are always new missions for players, each mission will offer interesting rewards. Money is also included as the main character in this game to beautify the land of Vexa’s friends.

There are many features that can beautify your Vexa chum country. Unfortunately, the prices that Vexa friends get also vary, the more beautiful the more expensive. Hence, one of the keys to this game is to play Hay Day to get rich quick. Anyone can play this game, especially Hay Day is a relaxing game. So that it does not put any pressure on Vexa friends, this game is certainly very suitable to fill bored time.

Tips And How To Play Hay Day To Get Rich Quick!

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To play Hay Day and find out how to get rich quick, check out this one article about Vexa friends. There are many options besides padding. Vexa friends definitely want to know how to get rich quick and meet the needs of Vexa’s Hay Day field, right? Hence, we are going to go into it in depth and in full in this article on Hay Day. For Vexa friends who are struggling to get rich, this article is the solution. Here are a few ways Vexa friends can follow:

1. Complete missions on the leaderboard

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There will be multiple missions on the board, there will be prizes in the form of gold, and the exp offered will be higher. Vexa friends only have to complete the mission on the board, because the reward is higher than the gold and experience that visitors give. Hence, it is better for Vexa friends to complete missions on the board than to sell crops to visitors by simply rejecting orders from them. This way, Vexa friends can get more profits. Vexa Friends can also decline missions from the board if Vexa Friends feel less profitable. Vexa Friends still need to consider the benefits Vexa Friends will get. Make it easy, there will be a new mission with a period that will appear. So Vexa friends don’t have to worry about losing the opportunity to make more money.

2. Buy articles from newspapers

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Source: Youtube Hay Day

If you need something that Vexa is difficult for you to get, then buying it from other people’s fields with a mailbox or newspaper is very appropriate. Vexa friends just have to be smart and pay attention to every price offered. Of course, if you are lucky, Vexa friends, the items you receive may be cheaper and more profitable.

3. Plant plants that need a long harvest time at night

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Source: Youtube Top HayDay

This way, Vexa friends get more benefits. You don’t have to wait long because while Vexa Buddy is sleeping, the plants will continue to grow. Even in the morning, Vexa’s friends can harvest crops while processing them and make more income. Because plants that grow for a long time usually come at a higher price. This can also help Vexa Friends to enrich Vexas Heutag quickly.

4. Always let the entire production run

How to Play Hay Day Get Rich Quick
Source: Youtube Top HayDay

Vexa Friends must complete all fields of Grain, Animals, Cake Maker or Goods etc. By continuing to do everything, Vexa Friends can get more results without stopping. Production continues and you can complete multiple missions or assignments at the same time. This can also help Vexa friends to get rich quick, but still have to pay attention to the capacity of the stable. It’s a good idea to upgrade the barn so you can store more things.

5. Get free diamonds

Diamonds also play an important role in Hay Day so that Vexa friends can get rich quickly. By using diamonds, Vexa friends can be helped, among other things, to accelerate the production of animals, plants or goods. So there is one way to get your hands on free diamonds and that is by watching the promotional videos available. Complete the achievement, go up the level and take the purple ticket near the newspaper. In addition, Vexa friends from level 24 can also mine through exploding mines, so Vexa friends receive diamonds. It takes patience to collect a lot of diamonds, but at least this way is better and free without having to spend a lot of money.

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Vexa friends already know several ways to play Hay Day and can easily get rich. By practicing this method, Vexa fans don’t have to spend a lot of rupiah to get extra gold or diamonds in the Hay Day Game. Vexa friends can still save Vexa’s money for other more important needs. So, since Vexa friends may get bored later, be sure to always use money properly. Play the game wisely and rest. If there are any tips, tricks, and reviews that Vexa friends would like to share, please share them in the comments column, OK!

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