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How to play Diggie Mobile Legends by ONIC LordGov

After the meta hyper carry is used a lot, Diggie becomes a very effective hero for performing the meta. His role in running the meta is to increase the team’s defenses, especially the core heroes chosen as hypercarry heroes. That’s why a lot of people learn

If you can use this hero properly and properly, the opponent will have a hard time for the core hero. Because they can change their shape and are very easy to counter. Below is how to play Diggie Mobile Legends from support players best heroes, LordGov.

  1. Use skill 1 for Open map

Ferris wheel

An important role of a support hero is a map that is unlocked for teammates who are not invited to attack. You can use Skill 1 to check nearby enemies. Putting ability Cases in the grassland unknown to the enemy.

If the enemy is in the trap area, they will transform into an owl and then break apart. This skill is of course very useful for Open map so your team’s main hero doesn’t get ganked. But with a slip of paper, you are not negligent in placing the trap.

  1. Protect the hero core with the ultimate ability

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also Open map , Another duty of a hero is to support the core hero, who is very important on the team. You have to protect the core hero because he has a very weak defense, so he will die if he has it Broken Opponent. More Lots if you want Control people .

The skill you can use to protect the hero is the ultimate skill. You can use this skill in team combat or defense. This skill protects the heroes around Diggie for 5 seconds. That way your core hero will have durability higher.

Diggie’s main ability provides not only a shield, but also an invulnerable effect, making him and his companions immune to crowd control. This skill is of course very useful for team fights, but it has to be used properly. Digg Digg.

  1. Keep Your Distance Compilation Teamfight

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Positioning is very important. Can win the game. It is also necessary for the support of heroes who are not going to play forward. Because these heroes do not have a high level of defense like tank heroes.

In order not to argue with your opponent, you need to argue confidently. Even if you can control its composition, but it cannot do anything but Open map .

  1. Drag the enemy with skill 2

Ferris wheel

You can use Skill 2 when team fight works to attract the target hero. Not only will you be interested, you will be interested too magical damage which is big enough that it is very effective for team fights.

This ability is very flexible in which one you use. You can use it to attract opponents, especially the moving core. Or it can also be used to protect the core hero from enemy pursuit.

  1. Dont be afraid Crowd control


To date, Crowd control Become the most feared ability of the greatest heroes in Mobile Legends. Because the hero who moves this effect deactivates or has no freedom of movement.

Using Diggie, you don’t have to worry about heroes with CC skills. Because Diggie has an immune ability that requires being immune to CC. While the surrounding comrades will not discuss this effect either. As long as you have this ability, you don’t have to be afraid.

Diggie skills it’s really annoying because there can be Crowd control, besides, it also has immune capabilities. More when used by Top global diggie as published by LordGov. The space of movement of the opposing team will be difficult to combine with professional Diggie players.

That’s a little review about how to play Diggie Mobile Legends from the player ONIC Esports , LordGov. If you’re still trying out the try mode, never use the ranked mode! Try playing in Classic or AI first to figure out the skill transition.

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