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How to play and get emote Sultan

Collection Party Free Fire 2021 – The newest spin event is back at Garena Free Fire, namely the Collection Party event.

There are a number of emotes in the gathering party event that FF players are keen to see, including the FFWC throne emote.

If you don’t have the Sultan Emote or the FFWC Throne Emote, you can attend this Spin Collection Party Event to get the emote.

Collection party Free Fire 2021
Collection party Free Fire 2021

In addition to the FFWC Throne emote, there are also other emotes that you can get at the Collection Party.

Event collection party 2021

This collectible party event will take place from May 21-27, 2021. At this event you can receive a gift in the form of a Free Fire emote.

Below is a list of the prizes you can get at this collectible party event:

  • FFWC throne emotes
  • Doggue emotes
  • Enote pirate flag
  • Emote captain Booyah
  • Dangerous game emotes

If you don’t have the above emotes then there is nothing wrong with joining the gathering party event.

Who knows, this Spin event can get you lucky and get your dream emote at a great price.

How to play at the Event Collection Party

Play in this newest collectible party event to get the FF emote. How to Play at the Collective Party Event for Great Prizes:

  1. In the Free Fire game, go to the News menu and click the Emote Collection menu.
  2. Simply press the visit button to take part in the Emote Collection Free Fire event.
  3. Then you can spin the collective party event for prizes by pressing the 1 Spin or 1 Special Spin button.
  4. If you hit the 1 spin button, all you need to do is spend 10 diamonds on your first spin. But if you hit the 1 Special Spin button you will have to remove 79 diamonds.
  5. If you choose Special Spin you are guaranteed to receive the maximum prize after 5 Special Spins.
  6. Spin this collecting party until you get the emote you have.

Emote Sultan FFWC 2021

If you want to get the Emote Free Fire Sultan, you can top up diamonds first so you can spin.

Do as you play at the Collection Party event mentioned above to receive the FFWC Throne Emote.

There are several tricks you can try in order to maintain the FFWC throne, including setting your character’s appearance as a bot in front of Gacha.

Then click on the FFEC emote at the collective party event. Who knows, with this trick you will get the Sultan Free Fire Emote

Immediately follow this emote collection party event if you want to complete your Free Fire emote collection. Hopefully you can get the emote you want at this collectible party event.

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