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How to permanently delete the PUBG mobile account

The PUBG Mobile game is indeed a game that is on the rise. But there are also people who want to delete their PUBG Mobile account. Of course, the deletion of the account for various reasons. Some want to take a break from playing PUBG Mobile, others get bored playing, or others want to create a new account.

You need to remember that deleting a PUBG game account is not as easy as uninstalling the PUBG Mobile game from your smartphone. Because this is limited to removing the application from your smartphone, but not with your account data from the server. To do this, you need to follow the steps in the explanation below. As a note to you, deleting your account will permanently delete your account, so your various achievements in this game will be completely lost. The following explains how to delete a PUBG Mobile account.

Let’s see how to delete a PUBG Mobile account

Deleting the PUBG mobile account

The way to delete this game account is simple. All you have to do is enter the application and click on certain menus. How to delete the account.

  • Open your PUBG Mobile application
  • After that, select the settings menu with a gear icon
  • Then the Basic tab appears, you will find various options such as Log Out and Delete Account
  • Then select the Delete Account button
  • Your new account will then be deleted within 7 days. So make sure you don’t log into this game again during this time.

Remove PUBG mobile account links from social media

There are two types of social media that are commonly used to log into the PUBG Mobile game, namely Facebook and Twitter with the term linking. Note, however, that deleting the link will only remove the link to the PUBG Mobile game account from your social media. To completely delete the account, you need to permanently delete the PUBG Mobile account. To remove the link on social media, you can follow the steps below.


How to delete PUBG account

You log into Facebook and go directly to the Settings and data protection menu. Then you will find the Apps and Websites option. Click on the menu and you will see a number of applications linked to your Facebook account including the PUBG Mobile game.

All you have to do is check the box on the right. Then click on Delete and confirm the deletion in the next step. After that, all data related to the PUBG Mobile game will be lost from your account.


For removing the PUBG Mobile game link from Twitter, it is not much different from this method. You log into Twitter, then go to the Settings menu and then click Applications and Sessions. You can see which apps and websites are associated with your account. Then all you have to do is search for the PUBG Mobile game option and hit Revoke Access. After doing this, your Twitter account will no longer be linked to the PUBG Mobile game.

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That is the article on how to delete a PUBG Mobile account. With Vexa friends, are you interested in using these tips? Until next time

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