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How to overcome the suspended Mobile Legends account

How to overcome the suspended Mobile Legends account – Many have asked me how I deal with the blocking of my ml account, little sister? How to Unlock an Account in Mobile Legends and Others. As we know, there is something wrong with you with a locked account on Mobile Legends. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a hack map script, drone view script, and others.

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How to unlock the latest Mobile Legends account – It is very natural that you use the mod script and get banned immediately as it goes against the rules / heights of the Mobile Legends game itself. So in the end there will be regrets when the beginning is the beginning hahaha

How to overcome the suspended Mobile Legends account
How to overcome the suspended Mobile Legends account

So if you want to use the mobile legends mod file, use it wisely, haha ​​don’t be too flashy, especially if you have cheats + mobile legends live streaming enabled, it gets worse.

So, for those of you who have been banned, whether for 30 days, 7 days, 3 days, or even up to a year, Moonton is banned permanently. Here I am going to share a few tips, yes, not a tutorial and it depends on you. Just check out the tips below.

3 ways to break the suspended Mobile Legends account


1. You can try contacting Moonton using the Gmail form.

2. Go to the app GMAIL, Create a new message and write


object: Please unlock my account

Message content: Why is my account blocked for 30 days just because I switched the iOS system to Android? I don’t understand how it works and I want my account back. I hope to be able to ask myself not to be banned as soon as possible or I won’t be playing for 30 days.

My account information:





3. If you have just sent the message and are waiting for a reply from Moonton.


1. You can try to clear the cache and data of the Mobile Legends application (if you haven’t connected your Mobile Legends account anywhere, please do not delete the data first, connect it first, otherwise your Mobile Legends will go Lost account).

2. You are trying to delete / uninstall the application and restart your phone.

3. Download the Mobile Legends application again and try to log into your Mobile Legends account


1. You can use this Anti-Banned Mobile Legends script script

2. Extracting with an extractor application / can be downloaded [DISINI]

3. Copy the script and move it to a folder

> Android> DATA>> Files> Dragon> Assets> Document> Android

4. Then try to open a Mobile Legends Account Buddy and enjoy!

These are the tips that I can convey How to release a suspended Mobile Legends account. Hopefully it’s useful and don’t try again with weird cheats / mod files if you don’t want to be banned again, hahaha. Enjoy!

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