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How To Overcome Android Games Often Force Close / Quit Alone

How To Overcome Android Games Often Force Close / Quit Alone – Yo, WhatsApp people. Back with the cave on the indodominated site. This time I want to give you tips and tricks on how to overcome the closing / exiting force alone when we are playing games. So, for those of you who get angry while playing, you are suddenly coming out / forcibly close on their own. You have landed on the right website.

How To Overcome Android Games Often Force Close / Quit Alone

How to overcome game quitting / forcing it to close on Android – Yeah, like Mimin, if you play the Mobile Legends game if you want to win you suddenly force the close and try to open the ml game again, eh it sucks all over again Once in a while already lost .. car angry !! A few tips, my friend also, before installing the game / application, see the details of the game / application first. If it meets the specifications of your cellphone, if it fits, just download it. (For games over 100 MB in size).

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So, for everyone who wants to know tips How to overcome frictional connection while playing. Just check out the tips and tricks below 🙂

Create games / applications often Force close / quit alone !!

1. Your internal storage / phone storage is left overso that the game you are playing can no longer be played, so that you will be forced out of the game for good because the storage space on your Android phone has exceeded the limit.

2. HP RAM Android, before downloading / installing any application, the first thing you need to do is see how much RAM you have on your phone so there is no forced closure.

For now, if I can, I recommend that you buy a mobile phone with at least 3GB of RAM.

3. Cache amount, Cache is useful to speed up an Android application or game. However, it can also slow down the process of an application or game.

4th Android operating system version Below average, every game has a suitable version for downloading the application in the Playstore. So if your Android OS version is below the average of the given version. Perhaps that is one of the causes of the game that you are suddenly violently playing.

5. Game version too oldThe game version is one of the most important things to look out for. If the latest update is already there, Mimin recommends updating the game / application to the latest version.


1. Reset HP to factory settings

Reset HP to factory data

Factory Data Reset, we will delete all the applications that you previously downloaded. Then it was replaced by the standard mobile application like Google Chrome etc. With a factory reset, we can delete all the junk files that are still attached to our Android phones.

2. Restart your Android phone

Restart your Android phone

Restarting Android phone is one of the most successful ways because when we restart our Android phone. Applications that were previously running are forcibly stopped so that we can save the battery of the Android cell phone and also not force our cell phone system to work excessively.

3. Delete unnecessary apps

Delete unnecessary apps

Friends, you can delete some of your applications that you no longer use. This is how you can save your RAM / memory so that the games you play can run smoothly hahaha.

4. Empty the cache

clear cache

You can try clearing all of the cache in your game or application. This will delete the entire cache of your cell phone and also reduce the memory used.

5. Update to the latest version

Update to the latest version

Yes, my friend is required to update your application / game to the latest version if there is a newer version. Since the application needs to be updated and you haven’t updated to the latest version, it may be one of the causes of the game you are playing suddenly being forced.

Okay, maybe that’s all I can say about the article How to overcome Game Force Close. Perhaps there are many more tips and tricks for overcoming the force nearby. Yes, you can tinker with your Android phone if you really want to try something new. If there are still those who don’t understand, please comment in the comments column so Mimin can help :).

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