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How to open RAR files on MacOS, it's easy!

Vexa friends need to know the file with the .rar extension, right? Files in this format usually contain multiple documents or folders combined. Opening the file is very simple, namely by extracting it. Usually we do this on Windows-based devices by right-clicking the file and then clicking Extract. However, this is not possible with macOS-based devices, friend. This is because the Mac operating system does not support these file types by default. Then how do you open a rar file on MacOS? Let’s look at the following discussion.

Getting to know RAR and MacOS files

RAR stands for Roshal Archive Compressed, which is a type of file that is very popular for data compression. RAR is often used to combine multiple files into one that can then be sent in a smaller size at the same time. The rar format is also widely used to transfer data over the Internet, so some of the files downloaded generally have a .rar extension and are compressed. RAR files are great for sending various files in small sizes via email or other means. This also speeds up the shipping process.

Unfortunately, the Mac operating system only has a built-in ZIP extractor, so the rar file cannot be opened and extracted. To access rar files on macOS, you need to install software other than third party. RAR is actually more efficient than ZIP because it uses the AES-128 encryption standard to provide security and a higher compression rate. Therefore, RAR is arguably a high quality archive format that you come across frequently. Although MacOS already offers a built-in archiving function, only ZIP files are supported and cannot open RAR files.

Tips for extracting RAR files on macOS devices

There are several ways to extract RAR files including:

1. Via terminal

  • First, open a MacOS terminal window by pressing CMD + Spacebar
  • Enter command install brew unrar
How to open RAR files on MacOS
  • When you receive the follow-up message, enter the command Install xcode-select
  • Next, you can extract the rar file using the command below

unrar x filename.rar

You can change name_file.rar to match the name of the rar file you want to open.

  • After entering the command unrar x filename.rar, my friend can see the entire contents of the folder or the rar file

2. Use of Third Party Applications

Examples of applications for opening rar files on Mac-based computers are Unarchiver, Stufflt Expander, Keka, and Winzip


You can use the keka tool to open different types of files besides rar, such as ZIP, 7-Zip, Tar, GZip, and BZip2. The method is

  • Download the Keka file
  • Install Keka on MacOS
  • After installation, Double click on rar file – open with – keka app
How to open RAR files on MacOS

For this tool, the method is almost the same as for Keka. Please download Winzip to extract the rar file on MacOS

  • Download and install the Unarchiver app on macOS
  • After the installation, run the Unarchiver application
  • Then click the Archive Formats tab at the top
  • In the next step you need to check the box rar archive so that the unarchiver can open this type of file in the future
  • Then try to select the rar file that you want to extract with Right click – open with – the unarchiver
  • click The unarchiver then the application will immediately open the RAR file while extracting its contents to a folder.
  • S.Next, open the contents and the contents of the extracted file. By default, the Unarchiver application extracts the contents to the folder where the original RAR file is stored.
Stuffle expander

StuffIt Expander is free software for opening various types of archive files including RAR.

  • Visit the Stufflt Expander site from a computer web browser
  • Download the Stufflt Expander
  • Install StuffIt Expander by double-clicking the stufflt DMG file and then selecting then agree and wait a few moments for the application to install.
How to open RAR files on MacOS
  • Double-click the Stuffle Expander app icon to open it
  • Next, click Menu Settings
How to open RAR files on MacOS
  • Next, choose tab Advanced at the top of the application window
  • Select the Rar menu – Click on Assign to Stufflt Expander
How to open RAR files on MacOS
  • Next my friend can try to open the rar file with Double-click the RAR file. Soon the Stufflt Expander will extract the content stored in the rar file
  • Another option is to right-click or use the “control“When selecting the RAR file, then select”Open with“->”StuffIt Expander
  • The contents will be extracted and moved to the same folder as the original rar file storage folder

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Shut down

Using a macOS-based device is a little different from using other operating systems. One example is the file archiving function where MacOS does not support the rar file type. However, my friend can still open it with the help of a rare opener software like Unarchiver or Stufflt Expander. Vexa friends now know how to open rar files on macOS, right? Come on, please practice on any Macbook. Stay Safe Stay Safe!

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