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How to manage TH 8 COC with the Gibarch strategy

How to Farm TH 8 COC With Gibarch Strategy, your Vexa friend may now have a hard time attacking in the Clash of Clans game when you enter TH8. When you consider that the opponent is getting stronger and the need for gold and elixir also becomes more expensive.

Well that’s why in a new fight you need a strategy to make a COC farming game, while that strategy is called Gibarch in TH8. That stands for giant, barbarian and archer. Gibarch is a COC TH8 growing strategy that has 3 main advantages, namely: The first is the cost of Elixir and Dark Elixir, which are quite cheap. In addition, a troop training period that does not take long and the last one is easy for you to learn even if you are a new player. Well, in this article we are going to discuss more about this Gibach strategy. If you are already convinced of this strategy, let’s continue the discussion on how to farm TH 8 COC using this Gibarch strategy!

TH 8 Preparation of COC agriculture with Gibarch strategy

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To make an attack using the Gibarch strategy for the COC farming game in TH8, you must first prepare a number of troops and spells with suitable combinations. Well, for that you have to prepare a few things. The following is a precaution you need to prepare before launching an attack:

  • 10 barbarians
  • 41 archers
  • 15 grand
  • 9 pieces of wall breakers
  • 9 pieces of wall wizard
  • 4 pig riders
  • 3 healing spells / 2 healing spells + 1 poison spell
  • Clanburg troop: 5 pig riders
  • Clan Castle Spell: 1 poison spell
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This is how the Gibarch strategy works

How to Fix TH 8 COC.  grows
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Gibarch’s strategy for farming COC games in TH8. Will deploy the main troops in the form of Giant, Barbarian and Archer. It’s just that now that you’re in TH8, the three ground forces need the support of other, much stronger ground forces, including Hog Riders and Wizards.

The main part in this attack are the giant troops that act as tankers. Then next, follow the wizard, archer and barbarian troops to make a funnel. After the opponent’s defense lies on the giant and attacks him, you can use Hog Rider to ambush and attack other towers that are still standing. And don’t forget about the healing spell that will surely be one of the keys to your victory.

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Well, that’s an article on how to farm TH 8 COC using the Gibarch strategy. How about some Vexa friends, are you interested in using this strategy in TH 8? Or have you used this strategy before or do you have other strategies? Until next time

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