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How to make video calls for 8 people WhatsApp latest version

method Video call 8 people WhatsApp – Hello Vexa friends, now the WhatsApp application can make phone calls and video calls for a maximum of 8 people, previously only 4 people. At a glance, friends, the total number of WhatsApp users itself is currently around 124 million people in Indonesia, wow, there are also many friends who use this chat application. So here Mimin is going to give you a way to allow Vexa friends with 8 friends or family to make phone and video calls so your WFH is even more crowded. Let’s just look at the steps:

method Video call 8 people WhatsApp

1. Make sure your Vexa friend has updated WhatsApp to version 2.20.141 (Beta) Download and Android phones with the operating system 4.0.3 and higher.

2. In the second step, open the chat of the friend who is being contacted by phone or video call.

3. Click the phone or video icon in the upper right corner. Vexa friends can choose to call phone or video

4. After the caller has answered the phone or video, you can click the “+” symbol in the upper right corner. Maximum addition of up to 8 people in one call.

How are you Vexa friends? it’s just right. You must remember, friend, in order to use the video calling function from 8 WhatsApp friends, Vexa friends and friends must first install the WhatsApp application on version 2.20.141 (Beta) Download it first so that friends can join the video call. Don’t forget to share it with your friends or your WhatsApp group so you can use this feature. Oh yes, it’s currently unavailable for Whatsapp Business, friend, I’ll share more information when there is an update from WhatsApp

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Friend Vexa, now you know better how to use video call 8 people on WhatsApp. So if you’re still at home but want to chat with your friends, just update WhatsApp. Look forward to more articles, brother. Don’t forget to comment below and follow Vexagame social media, okay?

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