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How to Make Gacha Genshin Impact, Get Characters and Weapons

How to Gacha Genshin Impact – Have you played the latest hit, Genshin Impact? If not, you need to install this exciting game.

Because this Genshin Impact game has graphics that are both eye-pleasing and fun.

We’ll take this opportunity to discuss the Genshin Impact game. The thing we discussed was how to do gacha in Genshin Impact.

Because apparently a lot of people don’t know how to do gacha in Genshin Impact.

Gacha at Genshin Impact

As with games in general, this Genshin Impact game also has a gacha system. You can do gacha to get characters and weapons in Genshin Impact.

You can only count on luck at gacha in Genshin Impact as the items and characters you will receive will be chosen at random. in addition, you can also roll over genshin impact

How To Do Gacha Genshin Impact
Gacha Genshin Impact

In the Genshin Impact game, gacha players hope for 5-star weapons, and Genshin Impact players also target high-ranking characters like level S or A.

These 5-star weapons and high-ranking characters have more power and potential.

How To Do Gacha Genshin Impact

The gacha in the game Genshin Impact is named after the wish function. You can access the wish feature to do Genshin Impact Gacha in the game. The following is how to do gacha in the Genshin Impact game:

  1. First, open your Genshin Impact game.
  2. After entering the Genshin Impact game, you can press the Settings button and then press the Request or Request button.
  3. Next, you’ll see Wish banners to choose from.
  4. New users can choose the Beginner Wish banner. Because if you choose Beginner Wish, all you have to do is spend 8 Known Fate to get Wish x10. Usually to spend Wish x10 you need to spend 10 Acquaint Fate.
  5. If you choose a banner with a time limit or a limited time, you will need Intertwined Fate to do Gacha instead of Acquaint Fate.
  6. To do gacha, you can press the “Wish x1” or “Wish x10” buttons.

How to do gacha in the game Genshin Impact. Hopefully this time the information can help those of you who haven’t been able to do gacha in Genshin Impact. That was all of us, hopefully this article can help you and other Genshin Impact players.

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