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How to limit the WiFi access that is connected to our network

How to limit WiFi access connected to our network – The Internet has certainly become the most important thing in the development of today’s digital age. Lots of activities that people often do over the internet. Starting with surfing, communicating and even doing a lot of work on the internet. One way to browse the internet at home is to use WiFi or install WiFi to make it more stable.

But sometimes the presence of WiFi leads others to get to know our WiFi access. With more and more people using it, the WiFi becomes slow or almost unusable. Hence, we need to remove the people who are accessing our WiFi router device. Then how to remove access or even hide our WiFi name.

Some ways to limit the WiFi access connected to our network

Wifi is a very useful element as it can help when you have problems with a slow cellular signal. However, the presence of WiFi is also the same when many devices are connected to our WiFi. Take a look at the reviews below to restrict or hide the WiFi access we have.

1. Change the WiFi password or change the WiFi name

How to limit WiFi access

The easiest way to remove access from connected devices is to change our WiFi password. So that previously connected devices re-enter the process when they want to log into the WLAN. It is also possible to change the WLAN name or the SSID. The easy way is to log into our WLAN device via the admin access and then change the WLAN name or password. The function of changing the user and password is to make the WiFi network faster and more secure when using it

2. Limit the use of MAC filters address

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This method is also widely used by WiFi owners to block devices connected to WiFi. There are several wireless router devices that have a function to limit the devices that can connect to the wireless router device using a MAC address. The MAC address itself stands for Media Access Protocol and is a unique code used to identify a network device.

The working principle of the MAC filter is aimed at performing an analysis of the MAC address or address of the device. If a lot of MAC addresses are entered, it can be blocked directly so that they cannot access WiFi. However, the weakness of this method is that someone who understands the password or WiFi account can make changes to their device’s MAC address so they can reconnect to WiFi.

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3. Using Wifi Guest

How to limit WiFi access

Or it can also be referred to as a WLAN function for guests, namely restricting their own access rights for guests who come to the office, home or as WLAN owners. Of course, these access rights are useful to regulate the speed of the WiFi connected to the guest. So that it doesn’t affect the speed of the main WiFi access and interfere with the work or school activities of the WiFi owner. In addition, it also prevents data theft when sharing work files in the office, campus, school, or anywhere else. With the WLAN guest, the SSID increases from the original by one to two.

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Hence, the WiFi we have becomes safer and certainly faster to use. Some of these possibilities are very useful for WLAN owners to restrict access rights when using WLAN. Hopefully useful, friend Vexa Game

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