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How to install the WhatsApp desktop application on PC

In addition to using it on iOS and Android based phones, WhatsApp (WA) can also be used directly on a computer by installing the desktop version of the application like on a mobile phone. Surely this will make it easier for those of you who use PCs frequently, right? Besides playing, you can also chat with friends. Also, the WhatsApp desktop will make it easier for us to send files while we are working on something on the computer. Well, for Vexa friends who want to know how to install the WhatsApp desktop application on your computer, let’s take a look at the following review.

Easy ways to install WhatsApp desktop application on computer

As we know, WhatsApp Desktop only works on computers running Windows 8 or 10 or MacOS X 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Would you like to know how to install the desktop WhatsApp application on Windows 8, 10 and MacOS X? Here is how

  • Download the WA desktop application for PC from the official site (.exe or .dmg file)
  • Depending on the Windows version you are using, choose whether 32-bit or 64-bit
  • After downloading, right-click the WhatsAppsetup.exe installation file
  • Select Run as administrator
  • Wait a few minutes for the installation process
  • When done, the WA application can be opened on the PC
  • After the installation, open WhatsApp on your phone ponsel
  • Make the settings

Android: WhatsApp – Menu (three dots in the upper right corner) – WhatsApp Web

iOS: WhatsApp – Settings – WhatsApp Web

  • Then scan the QR code displayed on the PC with the phone’s camera and wait for the connection to be established
  • If successful, my friend sees the WA messaging ad on a PC as it does on a cell phone

Via the WhatsApp desktop app at a glance

Remember, friend, when the WhatsApp application on your phone is the latest version of WhatsApp or you can update it from the PlayStore. In addition, the WhatsApp desktop works by connecting the WA application on your mobile phone. So your WhatsApp phone must remain active so that you can access and open the desktop version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp for PC is actually not that different from WhatsApp Web. However, the WhatsApp desktop is simpler and easier to use because you don’t have to scan the QR code every time you want to log in or open a chat. So this desktop WhatsApp application is an option for those of you who want to open WA from a computer or PC but don’t want to use WhatsApp Web.

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Shut down

WhatsApp is constantly evolving to attract users. Whatsapp desktop is an example. WA Desktop is very suitable for those of you who frequently open a PC or laptop. Here’s how to install the WhatsApp desktop application, which you can try on any computer. Hope it’s useful buddy!

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