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How to Install Harvest Moon Back to Nature PS1 on Android

How to Install Harvest Moon Back to Nature PS1 on Android

Harvest Moon is a gardening game that was a trend in the 2000s. A game that tells the story of a grandson who continues his legacy to tend his grandfather’s garden in a village.

We played this Harvest Moon game on the Play Station One console. If you want to play this game nostalgically, you can play it through an Android device.

Of course, enjoying the beauty of gardening, caring for animals, attending festivals and other things that you will feel again while playing Harvest Moon on Android is very interesting.

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How to Install Harvest Moon Back To Nature on Android

You need to know that this Harvest Moon game is not in the form of a dedicated APK for Android. So, you need an emulator application that will act as a PlayStation on your Android device.

You don’t have to worry about language problems in this Harvest Moon game. Because the CD / cassette file I am sharing is already in Indonesian so you can understand it and play it more conveniently.

Well, for those of you who can’t wait to play Harvest Moon on Android, the first thing you need to do is download the following files:

After you’ve downloaded the two files, just follow the installation steps below.

1. Extract Harvest Moon files

The first step you need to do is extract the downloaded Harvest Moon file. Since the file is still in rar format, you must first remove the original game file in order for it to be read.

To extract the Harvest Moon file, please go to File manager or My file On your mobile phone, look for the Harvest Moon file located on (.rar), usually the file is saved in a folder Download. When you find it, just unzip the file.

If you have trouble extracting the RAR file, you can use the 7Zipper application which you can download from the PlayStore. After successfully extracting the Harvest Moon file, you will see the original CD / cassette file with the extension (.iso).

Please save the Harvest Moon CD / cassette .iso into any folder or create a special folder to keep it tidier.

How to Extract Harvest Moon PS1 Files on Android

2. Install the ePSXe emulator

After you have extracted the Harvest Moon file, the next step is to install the ePSXe emulator that you downloaded earlier. The method is very simple. Find the ePSXe file you downloaded earlier, then click and select Install.

If so, just open the ePSXe application from the available menu that you select Run game. Then wait a while for the emulator to render the Harvest Moon CD / cassette file that you extracted earlier. When it says BIOS just click Skip.

After the emulator finds the Harvest Moon CD / Cassette file, an image of the game will appear, just click the game icon. Done, then you are ready to play the Harvest Moon Back to Nature PS1 game on Android.

How to play Harvest Moon PS1 on Android

If you want to have more fun playing the Harvest Moon Back to Nature PS1 game on Android, you can use a special bluetooth joystick for Android, like the one I use, the Ipega joystick. That way you will feel more of the exciting sensation as if you played this game on the PlayStation console.

Well, that was the article about installing the game Harvest Moon Back To Nature on an Android smartphone. I tested the above tutorial and proved it to be 100% successful. Good luck.

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