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How to hide WhatsApp chats without fear of deletion

Surely Vexa friends feel disturbed when there are friends who borrow cell phones and then read your WhatsApp chats? As the most popular instant messaging application and many users, WhatsApp has various features. One of the functions that can be used is archive or archive. Well my friend can use this feature to hide private chats or conversations that I don’t want others to know. Hence, this time around, Vexa friends can find out how to hide your WhatsApp chat without deleting it. Let’s keep looking at the rating below.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Chats Without Application

To prevent curious friends from reading your friend’s private chats, you can hide the chat. This method actually only archives chats without fear of being deleted. features archive With WhatsApp we can hide certain chats or even several chats at the same time. Therefore, Vexa friends can bring it up again at any time. In addition, the archiving function can be used not only for private chats, but also for group chats. Curious how to hide your WhatsApp chats? Here are the steps you can follow as follows:

Hide WhatsApp chats in the archive

To hide certain private or group chats

  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • From the WA chat screen, My Friend, select the chat you want to hide, then tap and hold the chat
  • Next, an archive icon or icon will appear next to the three dots at the top of the chat screen
How to hide WhatsApp chats
  • Click the archive icon /archive that and the chat instantly disappears from the WA screen and enters the archive

To hide all chats, the method is;

  • Open WhatsApp
  • On the chat screen, click the three-dot icon
  • Select settings
How do I hide the chat?
  • Select chat history (chat history)
  • Select Archive All Chats (Archive All Chats)

Recover Hidden WhatsApp Chats

Now that you know how to hide WA chats, there is a way to get them back too. For private chat are the steps

  • Open WA
  • Scroll all the way down on the chat screen
  • Buddy finds the words “archive chat,” which indicates hidden chats or conversations
  • Tap and hold the chat you want to return to the screen
  • Click on the symbol for unarchiving / open archive
  • Chat has returned to the chat list, friends

In the meantime, to restore all the hidden chats, viz

  • Go to Settings Menu – Chat – Chat History
  • Click on Dearchive all chats


  • Go to the archive area
  • Tap and hold a chat
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Select All Chats Select All to restore all hidden chats

For your information, friend, if you have messages or chats hidden in the archive, the chat will automatically appear when new messages come in. So the chat your Vexa friend was hiding may suddenly appear on the WA chat screen.

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Shut down

Sometimes it’s really annoying when there are friends who enjoy watching WA chats, let alone hijacking the chat messages. Well, now that my friend knows how to hide WhatsApp chats, it can of course be practiced right away. You can keep private or secret chats in the archive so that they cannot be easily found and read. Keep it up and I hope this article is useful.

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