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How to get Thamuz Skin for free in this event

How To Get Thamuz Skin – Thamuz is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends game that is still very popular.

Although it’s been released for quite a while, this Thamuz hero hasn’t lost his reputation among other new heroes. Thamuz can still be a reliable offlaner in the game.

To increase the excitement of playing Thamuz Mobile Legends Hero, you can use skins.

How do you get Thamuz skin?
How do you get Thamuz skin?

By using different skins you can play a different feeling while playing Thamuz. Take a look at this article to find out how to get the Thamuz Mobile Legends skin.

You can get Thamuz skin by buying it through the shop. The existing Thamuz skins are sold at different prices depending on the skin category. You can visit the shop to purchase the Thamuz Mobile Legends hero skin.

D-waya pat Thamuz Mobile Legends skins

Don’t want to spend a penny of diamonds to buy Thamuz skins?

Then you can take part in events with free skin prizes that are sometimes hosted by Moonton. In addition, you can also take part in giveaway events with skin prizes, which usually appear on multiple Youtube accounts.

In addition to purchasing it through the shop, you can also get Thamuz skin for free through events in Mobile Legends.

How to get free Thamuz skin

Moonton recently distributed the Thamuz Abyssal Reaper Special Skin. Getting the skin for the Thamuz Abyssal Reaper for free is very easy.

How to get a free Thamuz skin from the event:

  1. Press the Event button to start the free Thamuz skin distribution event.
  2. If so, you can select the menu of the day, then select the pre-order menu and get a special skin.
  3. Press the pre-order button to pre-order the Thamuz Abyssal Reaper Special Skin.
  4. After that, you can log into Mobile Legends on October 24, 2021 to receive it. You can register and attend the pre-order event and receive a special skin.
  5. Press the claim button to get a free Thamuz skin. Once you have used it, the skin is immediately put in your backpack.

There are many ways to get thamuz skin. The easiest way is of course to buy through the shop, but you have to spend to buy the Thamuz skin you want.

So many ways to get this thamuz skin, hopefully you can have the thamuz skin of your dreams!

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