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How To Get Skin Scar Titan FF 2021 You Can!

How to get Scar Titan FF 2021 Skin – On June 2, 2021 Free Fire presented the Scar Titan Skin again. This legendary Scar Ultimate Titan Skin increases damage by 1 point when used, increases rate of fire by 2 points, but decreases 1 magazine point.

The painful damage from the scar titanium skin is what makes Free Fire players eager to get it.

To get the Scar Ultimate Titan Skin, of course, you need an evolution stone and a blueprint. It takes 10 evolution stones and also 5 blueprints to get this scar titanium skin.

How to get Scar Titan FF 2021
How to get Scar Titan FF 2021

Well, to get this evolution stone and blueprint you have to do a round of Lucky Royale.

For those of you who have a lot of coupons or diamonds, there is nothing wrong with trying your luck in the lucky kingdom. Perhaps by sacrificing a coupon or diamond you can get the super cool Scar Ultimate Titan legendary skin.

As written above, to get the Titan Scar, you must first get the Evolution Stone and Blueprint.

How do i get scar titanium scar

How to get blueprints and evolution stones to exchange for the Titan Scar:

  1. Enter the Lucky Royale menu, then select the Scifi Scar series menu.
  2. Then do a round with a voucher or diamonds.
  3. Rotate until you get the number of evolution stones and blueprints you need to exchange for the Titan Scar.
  4. Swap the evolution stone and blueprint for Scar Titian’s skin by pressing the swap button.

When you take a spin in Lucky Royale, the hardest part for you is the blueprint. Evolution stones are relatively simple and, compared to blueprints, are often obtained while spinning in Lucky Royale.

Tips and tricks Spin Scar Titan

There are a few tips and tricks you can do so that you can get blueprints that you can trade in for the Scar Titanium skin:

  1. Try turning at night when the server is quiet or rarely plays. You can spin from 12 noon if the server is not too full.
  2. Do not rush to spin, you can wait for there to be a discount on skins in Lucky Royale.

That is the way along with tips and tricks to get the Scar Titan Skin Free Fire 2021. Hopefully this opportunity gives you a chance to collect lots of blueprints and evolution stones so you can have a Scar Titan skin.

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