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How to get Skin Gord Annual Starlight 2021

Skin annual starlight 2021 | Games – In 2021, Skin Hayabusa Experiment21 became the annual Starlith Skin for that year. Now in 2021 the Annual Starlight Skin goes by the name Skin No. 1 Controller.

This annual starlight skin will be available on November 21, 2021 on the original Mobile Legends server. Mimin doesn’t know how long this skin will be available so from now on you should just prepare the diamonds.

Based on information Mimin received from social media accounts InformantmlbbYou can get this annual Starlight Gord Skin from Draw or buy it directly in the shop. Of course, both have advantages and disadvantages.

When you buy this annual Starlight Skin from Draw you will get a lot of benefits folks. You will get Border Avatar Starlight 2021, Elimination Effect and other benefits.

while the main disadvantage is that it requires a very large diamond. You need 200 diamonds for just one drawing. While the chance of getting the skin is very slim.

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Here is the percentage of the opportunities you get each time you draw:

  • Skin Gord No. 1 Controller: 4%
  • Elimination effect “KO”: 4%
  • Starlight Edition 2021 Avatar Limit: 4%
  • Starlight membership card: 4%
  • 200 Magical Dust: 20%
  • 200 cards: 24%
  • Magic Wheel Potion S: 28%
  • 30 rare skin fragments: 40%

Of course, according to the data above, your chances of getting the skin are very slim, only 4%. At the very least, you have to make 7 to 8 draws if you want to get it. The total diamond you will need is approximately 4000 diamonds. The price is fantastic, isn’t it, gang?

But in my opinion the price is comparable to other prices you get, especially if you don’t already have a lot of skins, low emblems, and a large collection of Eliminaton effects.

Well, if you want to receive this Annual Starlight 2021 Skin with Diamonds direct, you have to wait until December 1st, 2021. Because this skin will be available in the shop from this date. However, it is not yet known how much the price will be offered, possibly the same as Hayabusa’s Annual Starlight Skin.

The benefits of buying it with diamonds directly will allow you to spend less diamonds than buying it by pulling it.

However, you won’t get the Starlight 2021 edition of the border avatar and the elimination effect “KO”. You only get the annual Starlight skin with no prizes.

For those of you who are on a budget and want a lot of perks, consider purchasing this annual Starlight Gord skin by drawing. In the meantime, if your budget is mediocre, your best bet is to shop for it.

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