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How to Get Red Eggs for the Newest FF 2021 Event Event

How to get red eggs in free fire 2021 – In April 2021, Garena hosted the newest event in the Wonderland Free Fire Event game. This came after a major update that Garena has been doing to the Free Fire game since April 8, 2021.

Now the update is complete and players will need to update their FF game on the Play Store and iOS to get events that can be tracked.

In this Wunderland event, Free Fire presents an event in which all participants must be given eggs. this time the participants of the event had the opportunity to get the main prize, namely the famas wibu free fire weapon.

various prizes that Free Fire players can receive include weapons, skins, and many other prizes.

The prize can be obtained by collecting egg tokens. Egg markers are divided into two parts, namely red eggs and blue eggs. Of course, there are plenty of FF players who struggle to get the eggs.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get red and blue eggs in this free fire event in Wonderland.

How to get free fire blue eggs

To get blue eggs, the method is quite simple, namely by picking up the eggs at a predetermined time. for example like in the picture below.

How do I get red eggs?
How to get free fire blue eggs

You just log in at these times and claim the eggs were automatically given blue eggs.

How to get Wonderland Event Red Eggs

Getting a red egg is different from getting a blue egg. Getting red eggs is the way to play during this event match at the end of the event.

There is a hot air balloon that drops a red egg. Your job is to get the red egg from the hot air balloon that dropped it so it won’t be taken by other players.

It’s actually quite difficult just to get great prizes at this event. Free fire players must follow this method.

So that’s some information on how to get eggs at the 2021 Wonderland Free Fire event, I hope it’s useful!

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