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How to get a mask in Free Fire's new mode

How to get a mask in a deadly razor fire event – there is a new mode in ff, it is called Fatal Blade Mode. a mode in which every player who plays it attacks the big boss or the king of Hayato as their main opponent. This mode is more similar to the zombie mode.

The theme of this mode is Samurai, so you will have to fight the existing Samurai to win the deadly Bladeless Fire mode.

With tantalizing prizes, free fire players will definitely be more interested in playing this latest deadly blade mode. The main prize is a mask.

So we’re going to review how to play Fatal Blade mode and how to get free masks in free fire.

How to play the Fire Fatal Blade Free Event

  1. Open the free fire game on your phone.
  2. Then open the missions menu, there will be a round samurai icon that you can click to start this deadly blade-free fire mode.
  3. Then you can choose options Squad match or Automatic comparison

When you are in the game you have to defeat the great samurai. You can defeat the Hayato King with friends or a predetermined random squad.

How to Beat King Hayato

With this, the king of Hayato was quickly defeated or died. then of course it is imperative to attack the head or call a headshot. Of course, experienced players use this trick to defeat the Hayato King.

When your life is running out, go to the meditation place immediately to replenish the life that is running out.

How to get the free fire mask in the Fatal Blade event
Meditation space in Free Fire’s Fatal Blade mode

Another trick is when the King of Hayato joins the tower, rush with your teammates to attack the great samurai. when you can attack his head or headshot to lose quickly.

How to get the free fire mask in the Fatal Blade event

To get a samurai mask in this deadly blade mode, you can collect an item called a warrior chest. The more warrior crates you collect, the faster you can get a free fire mask in deadly blade mode.

Experience has shown that you can play this mode 3 times, then you get a mask for free from the previously collected warrior box.

So these are a few steps to get a free mask at the Fatal Blade event. You can also read about how to get free diamonds with realsht mobi ff.

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