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How to get M4A1 Blue Griffin FF is easy

How do I get M4A1 Blue Griffin FF – If we talk about the Free Fire game, it will never end. Because this game, produced by Garena, always offers a way to keep fans happy and fun with the various updates and events that are made available.

It’s no wonder that it makes Free Fire one of many people’s favorite games.

For those of you who are loyal to Free Fire, you know that this game of interesting events is never lonely.

For example, in the previous article we discussed the cube drawing event that will appear on the Indonesian server. This event already exists on the Malaysia and Brazil servers. and you can have the chance to get free Fire Magic Dice for free by participating in this event.

The latest event published by Free Fire is the Moco Store event. If you take part in this event, you have the opportunity to receive the m4a1 blue griffin ff skin and the surgeon’s blood frenzy bundle free of charge.

M4A1 Blue Griffin FF

The Moco Store event is an interesting event where you can win various attractive prizes, such as:

Moco Store Event Prize

As for the great prizes you can get while playing this Moco Store event, these prizes include:

  1. M4A1 blue griffin ff
  2. MP40 New Year
  3. Scar Water Elemental
  4. AK47 skull hunter
  5. UMP – art of war
  6. M1014-enhanced armor

And also the second prize that you have a chance at is:

  1. Surgeon bloodlust
  2. Space Soldier Package
  3. Space OPS package
  4. Frontline bundle
  5. Annihilator package
  6. Raver package

There will be other packages and new items that you can get in this event. It’s a shame if you miss an interesting event like this Moco Store.

This interesting event will take place from April 6, 2021 to April 12, 2021.

How to get M4A1 Blue Griffin FF Skin in the Moco Store

Are you looking for the m4a1 Blaugriffin weapon skin? Since the blue griffin skin is one of the top prizes, getting this skin will be a little difficult compared to other prizes.

For those of you who really want to have blue griffin skin, check out the steps below:

  1. Don’t forget to register during the Moco Store event period (April 6-12, 2021).
  2. Select the Events menu on the main game page.
  3. Then select the Event Moco Store.
  4. You will be faced with the choice of the grand prize. There are 6 choices of permanent weapon skins in the grand prize, one of which is the m4a1 blue Griffin skin that you crave.
  5. The next step, of course, is to choose the skin you want, namely the blue griffin.
  6. Then you can press the option for the second price. There you will again have a choice in the form of 6 types of bundles or characters to choose and then choose one of them.
  7. After selecting the grand prize and second prize, press the Next button.
  8. Then press the main yellow button to spin. You need 99 diamonds in one spin.

So, here’s some information about the Moco Store Free Fire event that will be happening in April 2021, so make sure you don’t miss it, friends!

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