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How to Get the Latest Armored Titan Bundle at Free Fire Free

The fun with the Titans began in the Free Fire Battle Arena! Yes, survivors (as Free Fire players are called) who can’t wait for the Free Fire x Attack on Titan collaboration pack to finally try Armored Titan! Survivors can get this cool and exciting armor skin by attending the newest event: Armored BullsEye FF, which starts today March 16-22, 2021.

Appearance of Armored Titan Free Fire (FF)

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This Armored Titan bundle is an original replica of the Armored Titan in animation, hairstyle, body proportions, body shape and facial features.

In addition to the Armored Titan Bundle, which is the main prize, players also have the opportunity to win other attractive prizes such as the loot box.

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How to get the Titan FF armored bundle

You can attend the Armored BullsEye FF event. It’s easy. Go to Website> News> Armored Bullseye-> Armored Titan and click Visit.

To get this special bundle from the Free Fire x Attack on Titan collaboration you will need to use Diamond to shoot targets.

Use Diamond to shoot the target. There are a total of 9 targets that you can shoot.
You can receive the main prize, namely the Armored Titan bundle, at the first installment or definitely at the last (ninth) installment.
In addition to the Armored Titan bundle, you can win other interesting prizes for every shot.
The prices received go directly to the vault / collection.

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For the first spin you need 9 diamonds. The number of diamonds required is further increased with each spin and a maximum of 1522 diamonds is required for 9 spins to receive all prizes.

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