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How to Get Kelly Awakening FF Easily

How to Get Kelly Awakening FF a la VexaGame You Must Know. For those of you who don’t know what Kelly is, she is one of the female characters in the Free Fire game. Kelly’s character is famous for his Dash ability, which increases the running speed. Kelly is now officially an Awakening Free Fire game character known as Kelly The Swift.

Getting an awakening won’t change the appearance of Kelly’s character, but it will also acquire a skill that is very useful. Awakening skill increases damage by 110% after running for 7 seconds.

With the awakening, Kelly’s character has become the most powerful in the current Free Fire game. In order for you to receive Kelly Awakening, you must first meet several conditions. Among other:

  • You have to run a total of 400 km in every mode (except Custom Room).
  • Must have killed 200 enemies in any mode (except Custom Room)
  • You also have to Buoyah 20 times in each mode (except Custom Room)
  • Finally, you also need to create a team and complete 100 games in any mode (except Custom Room).

Let’s listen How to get Kelly Awakening

In order to meet these requirements, VexaGame has put together Tips & Tricks so that you can easily meet these requirements and get Kelly Awakening. Check out the explanation below!

Play in classic mode

    how to make Kelly awaken

The first way to wake Kelly up is to play Classic mode in the Free Fire game. Because you don’t have to worry about dying quickly from getting shot while running. Different from ranked mode which can lower your mmr. Suggest that you go downstairs somewhere quiet so the players can run to their hearts’ content.

Play Free Fire in Clash Squad

Similar to Classic mode, Clash Squad mode means you don’t have to worry if you die first. Because your point ranking is not going to decrease at all. You can track Kelly’s total run distance to increase Free Fire’s KD ratio. In each lap you change places that are included in the calculation of Kelly’s running distance.

Combine with other characters

You probably already know that there will be empty slots in every character that can be filled with skills from other characters. Kelly’s ability to run corresponds to Caroline’s ability to run faster when using shotguns.

You can also add Hayato’s ability that increases armor penetration when the HP runs low. So Kelly will be strong enough and run fast to complete the mission.

Kelly got Awakening By playing with friends

    how to make Kelly awaken

One of the conditions to get Kelly Awakening is playing with friends in 100 matches and you have to booyah 20 times. You will also focus on leveling up because the bigger you are, the easier it is to complete this mission.

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Shut down

This is how you wake up Kelly. Are Vexa friends interested in waking Kelly up? Or has Vexa’s friend already got it? Until next time.

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