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How to get a free permanent FF cepcil set

How To Get A Free Cepcil Set – Would You Like To Get A Cepcil Set For Free On Free Fire? If so, then you can search for the redemption code and exchange the code to receive the cepcil set.

But most likely the code you get later will stop working or expire.

Don’t be confused as there are many other ways to get a free cepcil kit. One way to get the cepcil set is to use config.

How to get a free permanent FF cepcil set
How to get the Cepcil FF set

You can use the configuration file to call up the Cepcil set permanently.

We will also share the cepcil set configuration file and how to use it. Read this article until the end so that you can get this permanent set of cepcils hassle-free.

Using the configuration file to get the cepcil set is very easy if you follow this tutorial closely.

How to get a free cepcil set

Below is the Cepcil configuration set and how to use it:

  1. First load the Cepcil-Set configuration file at down
  2. Since the downloaded file is compressed in 7z format, you will need the ZArchiver application to open it. You can find the ZArchiver application in the Google Play Store and in the App Store.
  3. After you finish installing ZArchiver, you can open ZArchiver to open the downloaded file earlier. Enter the password so that you can open the Cepcil-Set configuration file. Password: cool
  4. Copy and paste the configuration file into the Free Fire configuration folder. You can access the Freefire configuration folder by opening the Android folder> data> com.dts.freefireth> files> contentcache> Compulsory> android> gameassetbundles> then clicking the config folder.
  5. Paste the Cepcil-Set configuration file into the configuration folder. When you see a notification about overwriting files, all you have to do is to check the Run All Files button and then hit the Replace button.

How to use the cepcil set configuration file. If you follow the steps above, you can already use the permanent cepcil bundle set for free.

That’s all for the article that covers the Cepcil Free Fire Configuration Set. Might be useful!

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