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How to get Free Fire Ketupat 2021, the price is a Rubik's Cube

how to get ketupat in free fire 2021 – in 2021 Garena hosts a lot of events that its loyal users can attend. Finally, Garena Free Fire organizes Ramadhan events and also Eid Booyah, which can be followed by various attractive prizes.

This is what interests users to continuously play free fire. because there are various interesting events and prizes to be followed.

This game can be called the king of the Battle Royale game in Indonesia as it ranks # 1 with the most installs in Indonesia, followed by Tencent’s game, PUBG Mobile.

Back at this Booyah Ramadhan 2021 event, Garena is giving away 1 Rubik’s Cube for players to fight for with free fire. Of course, to get this magical dice gift, you need to use diamond tokens.

how to get ketupat in open fire
how to get ketupat in open fire

To get a diamond token on this Ramadan 2021 Booyah, you can attend an event called the Peak Day Free Fire Event 2021 which gives you the opportunity to receive a magic cube.

How to Get Ketupat in Free Fire 2021

The method is divided into two parts, namely you can get it at peak day events and also play 1 time for 7 days. for details as below:

Events on the peak day

A total of 140 minutes are available for details on receiving the diamond token at this peak day event.

Now the total of 140 minutes is divided into 7 games, so that each of you has 20 minutes to play in each game.

The total Ketupat tokens you can collect is 20 tokens on Peak Day event.

Get ketupat for 7 days

In addition, this Ketupat token will be available from May 15-22, 2021. During this period, you can receive a total of 7 diamond tokens. You get 60 minutes in a day.

Then you have the opportunity to give away a Rubik’s Cube. You can collect a total of 7 tokens. This means that in 1 game you can have the opportunity to receive 1 token.

So the total accumulation of Ketupat tokens that can be obtained is 27 tokens. With these tokens you have the opportunity to receive the main prize of Magic Cube Free Fire.

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