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How to get the FFWC Throne Emote on FF

How to Get the ffwc Throne Emote on ff – For those of you fans of the Free Fire game, you need to be familiar with the iconic FFWC Throne Emote. There are so many Garena gamers out there wanting this FFWC Throne emote.

The good news is that Garena is now hosting an event on Free Fire that will allow you to get the FFWC throne emote. This event is called Throne Emote, with the main prize being the FFWC Throne Emote.

In addition to the FFWC Throne emote, you can also receive other great prizes that have been provided.

Emote FFWC throne on FF
Emote FFWC throne on FF

Hurry up and take part in this Throne emote event for the FFWC Throne and other great prizes.

Information About Throne Emote Events You Must Know About

There is some information about the terms of the event that you need to know. The following are the conditions for the Throne Emote Event that you need to pay close attention to:

  1. The Throne Emote event only lasts 5 days, from June 2nd to 7th, 2021.
  2. You can shoot targets for great prizes in this Throne Emote Event. You can only get this shooting opportunity by using diamonds.
  3. There are 9 targets in this Throne Emote event and players are guaranteed to receive the grand prize, namely the FFWC Throne Emote in 9 shots. Lucky players can get the FFWC Throne emote on the first, second, third shot, etc.
  4. The prizes in this throne emote event go to the vault or the collection.

How to participate in the event to get the FFWC Throne Emote FF

You must attend this Throne Emote Free Fire event if you want to receive the grand prize in the form of the FFWC Throne Emote. To participate in the Throne Emote Event:

  1. Go to the Messages menu in the Free Fire game, then select Throne Emote. Press the visit button to participate in the Throne Emote Event.
  2. The prices that you can get are displayed. Then press Random Play to start playing.
  3. Pressing this shuffle button will shuffle the prizes and cover them with targets so you’ll have to guess where the FFWC Throne grand prize is.
  4. Shoot the target that you have the grand prize or prize you want by tapping the target.
  5. Hit the confirmation button to get the prize off the shot.
  6. Keep shooting the targets until you get the reward you want.

The positions of these FFWC Throne emotes vary so you will have to rely on luck.

However, due to the large number of people who will receive the grand prize after shooting the center target, you can try to shoot the center target first.

So much information we can provide, hopefully this article on the FFWC Throne emote on Free Fire will be useful to you.

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