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How to Get FF Token Bedug 2021

How to Get Bedug Token FF – Garena’s Free Fire Game always has a way to pamper its players. One of them is to enliven the upcoming month of Ramadan and Eid with a special event.

This particular event presented by Garena was unreserved. Because the presented Booyah Ramadhan and Booyah Lebaran events are peppered with various attractive prizes.

At these events you simply collect certain tokens that you can exchange for attractive prizes. The path to collecting tokens is also quite simple, so many Free Fire players are eager to collect as many tokens as possible.

How to Get FF Token Bedug
How to Get FF Token Bedug

One of the tokens that can be exchanged for prizes is a drum token. This drum token is present in the Booyah Lebaran event menu and can also be easily obtained.

At the Free Fire Eid Booyah event you will find attractive prizes that can be exchanged for special tokens. The drum token is one of the tokens needed to receive the existing prizes.

How to Get FF Token Bedug

For those of you who want to know how to get Drum Tags at Free Fire, here is how to get Drum Tags:

  1. First, go to the events menu in the Free Fire game.
  2. Then go to the tab Eid booyah.
  3. After that go to Token exchange menu to see which tokens are needed to receive rewards.
  4. In the token swap menu, you’ll see that you need a drum token in order to get weapon skins and some other prizes.
  5. To get this drum token, all you have to do is play every day.
  6. After finishing the game you will immediately receive a drum token.
  7. Bedug tokens that you can get after completing this game have a random amount. You can get a different number of drum brands each day.

How to get a drum token at the Booyah Lebaran event on Free Fire.

How to get this token drum is that simple, isn’t it? Hopefully you can collect as many drum tokens as you can so they can be exchanged for the prizes you want.

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