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How to Get Emoticons on PUBG Mobile for Free and Easily

How to Get Emoticons on PUBG Mobile for Free and Easily – Hello friends, all PUBG Mobile players, wherever you are, on this occasion the Indodominic administrator will tell a little bit to all your friends about how to get emoticons (emotes) in PUBG game.

How to Get Emoticons on PUBG Mobile for Free and Easily

As friends know, there are many unique and interesting items in this PUBG Mobile game that are designed with the aim of making the game better and supporting games that become more exciting in the game application.

There are many items in PUBG that are very popular and one of the things that players want is emoticons. Emoticons in PUBG aim to be able to communicate with other players only through an emote.

These emoticons can be used by players both in-game and in the lobby.

Friends, you must have seen friends in PUBG providing emoticon images such as emoticons for dancing, dancing, sitting or even lying in the lobby / during game play. Well, all of these are commonly referred to as emoticons.

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Basically, however, a PUBG emoticon method is still locked when you play on PUBG Mobile for the first time.

There are 12 different types of emotes in this PUBG Mobile game. One of them waves, claps, angry, laughs, threatens, shakes his head, points and so on.

Of course, when you have this PUBG emote it is very helpful as it is easier to express something than when you are long typing. With an emote, friends can express their wishes simply by pressing the emote. Simple, but more focused.

How to Get the Latest Free PUBG Mobile Emoticons

There are also many gamers who are still confused about how to get this Pubg Mobile emoticon. There are even gamers wondering if they can get free emoticons in Pubg?

In fact, when adding and receiving these Pubg Mobile emoticons, friends will have to complete several missions that are included in the Royal Pass. No matter if free or elite. It’s just that the availability of the two isn’t the same.

In the fourth season of the Royal Pass, for example, friends can receive the Bbom-Bbom emoticon from the Royale Pass for free. But it appears that the season five free emoticon gift is only valid for Elite Royale Pass players.

This Royale Pass is in the middle right on your friend’s cell phone smartphone. Then, in order to receive emoticons, friends must complete the missions contained therein. When the mission is complete, friends can unlock locked items and have the option of receiving Pubg emoticons. In addition, friends can also get other items for free by going through this Royale Pass.

It’s not free for Elite Royale Pass players, of course, but they have to pay to subscribe to the 600 or 1800 UC Royale Pass.

So far, the discussion of tips and how to get this PUBG mobile emoticon. Of course, these emoticons with different style expressions like dancing and dancing after the chicken dinner make the game a lot more exciting. Thank you for visiting gamers.