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How to get the Duke Swallowtail FF Bundle

How to Get the Duke Swallowtail FF Bundle – Free Fire presents a new event again, namely the Shar-Event or the Rebel-Sharing-Event. By participating in the event, you will receive a free bundle, namely the super cute Duke Swallowtail.

You can only receive this bundle for free if you complete the missions in the Rebel Sharing Event. It would be a shame if you missed this exciting event because this Duke Swallowtail Bundle award is too cool to pass up.

To do this, you must immediately follow the rebel sharing event that is taking place. This event started on June 24th, 2021 and ends on June 30th, 2021.

How to get the Duke Dovetail Package
Bundle Duke Swallowtail FF

Since the event is taking place in a not too long period of time, you need to hurry to attend this event.

To get the Duke Swallowtail Bundle, you will need to complete the missions in the Rebel Sharing event.

How to get the Duke Dovetail Package

To complete the “Rebel Sharing Event” mission and receive the Duke Swallowtail Bundle:

  1. Go to the Free Fire Events page, select Messages, then click Share Event.
  2. After clicking the Share Event button, you will see details about the Rebel sharing event. Press the visit button to go to the Share Event page.
  3. You have entered the main page of the Rebel Sharing Event. It is said that if you want to get this bundle you have to collect 1000 points.
  4. Log in to the Rebel Sharing Event every day so you can earn 100 points every day.
  5. After that, you’ll also need to share your link from the Rebel sharing event. Click the Copy Link button to copy your own link, then share the link with your friends.
  6. Every time someone clicks your link and signs in with a Free Fire account, you will earn 100 points.
  7. After collecting 1000 points you can claim the Duke Swallowtail Bundle.

How to complete the mission in the Rebel Sharing Event to receive this package.

After you have accumulated enough points by sharing the link, don’t forget to log in every day to get 1000 points.

So many articles on how to get the Duke Swallowtail Bundle in the open fire that we can write. Hopefully you can participate well in this rebel sharing event!

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