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How to enable PUBG's mobile night mode

How to enable PUBG Mobile night mode, PUBG Mobile is one of the mobile games that receives updates very carefully from its development team. Though also newer compared to other similar games. You need to know that PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is included in one of the games that is very popular with other players. This is thanks to the battle royale theme that this game uses. The battle royale theme is how the winner of the game can determine which team or individual was the last to survive in the game.

To follow in the footsteps of its first popularity in computers. This battle royale themed game is also available on mobile devices. Both include devices with the iOS platform and with the Android platform from Tencent Games. Interestingly, there is an update to the PUBG Mobile application that has brought a pretty massive improvement and change to this game.

Among other things, there are some changes and improvements in the latest patch of the PUBG Mobile game that are quite a concern for many people. Especially for PUBG Mobile gamers, this latest patch brought night mode. Night mode that can change the battle atmosphere in the game, which was previously held in the daytime atmosphere, to a nighttime atmosphere. For those of you curious to try Night Mode, check out a full article on how to enable PUBG Mobile Night Mode below.

How to enable PUBG’s mobile night mode

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  • From the main PUBG Mobile game page, select the button Selection mode that’s at the bottom of the button BEGIN
  • Next, choose which point of view you want to use while playing PUBG Mobile and you can choose from among other things: TPP (third-person perspective) or FPP (first person perspective)
  • Then you choose mode Classic (this is mandatory)
  • Then select Map Erangel (which is also a duty)
  • Then you can select the Team option to determine the number of teams
  • When you’re done, click the button OK and start the game by tapping the button BEGIN

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Via PUBG’s mobile night mode

How to enable PUBG night mode
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Night mode is currently only available on Erangel cards. So if you want to play Pubg Mobile in night mode, you have to play on the Erangel card. So if you are playing on Map Miramar and Map Sanhok, you will not be able to find Night Mode even though you have played hundreds of games or game rounds of this game.

If you play night mode in the classic Erangel map, be it Solo, Duo or Squad, you can usually only find 1 out of 5 games / game rounds in this night mode. Remember that all night mode games in Pubg mobile games are random even if there is no way to bring them up.

It is very easy to find out whether or not the game or round of Pubg mobile game you are playing has a night mode. The trick is to just pay attention to the lower right corner of the screen. The trademark of the Pubg Mobile Match, which has a night mode, bears the words day /…. In the lower corner of this game and as a second trait, loot items are night vision goggles available.

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How to turn on PUBG’s mobile night mode. How about some Vexa friends, are you interested in following these tips? Or did you follow these tips? Until next time.

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