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How To Easily Do Booyah on Free Fire

How To Easily Do Booyah on Free Fire

Guncedemir – Play fun games to pass the time or just as a hobby. The Free Fire (FF) game itself is a game that is now being played by a lot of people because of the interesting events and abundant skins at the right price for Indonesians.

FF (Free Fire) itself has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Playstore. This battle royale genre game must have its own strategy to win the existing game.

Here’s how to get bored easily in FF (Free Fire) and win every round.

1. Do not land in crowded places

What needs to be considered when playing the Battle Royale genre game is our strategy of ending up in a safe place. A place that can be called a safe place is a place where a place can be in the corners of a map or in an area with a house or small loot.

Since players typically look for places with a lot of loot, you can find areas with little loot to visit later. Usually the ranking guards play this way so that their points are not degraded or reduced.

2. Rotation, always look around

Whenever you play, always try to turn your camera to look around so you can see if an enemy is approaching. And always remember that the enemy should not hit the buttocks anywhere, so we must always look to the surroundings.

And that’s the mistake of many people and a difficult step to always focus on looking around. If you can do this, I guarantee you will not be easily defeated by other players.

3. Observe the circle and look at the periodic minimap

Don’t focus too much on the enemy in front of you, don’t forget to see where the circle is going. Because dying on a circle is a ridiculous death in this game. In addition, at the last minute the circuit gets sicker and the blood drains faster.

Not only that, by looking at the minimap, you can also see where the enemy is based on the steps or use the direction of fire on the minimap to locate the enemy.

4. Always use primary weapons

Playing Free Fire means using your main weapon too, because using your main weapon will be comfortable and will know how to control weapon recoil and know the condition of the weapon that you are making your mainstay.

While it can’t hurt to use other weapons, try to focus on your main weapon and explore it so you can use it skillfully.

5. Always prepare the vehicle

Of course, if you are playing the battle royale game with a large area, you will need a vehicle to efficiently explore the existing area. And using a vehicle can also make it safer to drive to specific locations rather than walking in open terrain.

These are the beginner tips you need to know in order to do Booyah on Free Fire.

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