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How to easily create Microsoft Excel charts

How to easily create Microsoft Excel charts. Various advanced functions that are available in Microsoft Excel Services in the Calculations area make it easier for users to create a report. However, many users rarely use any of these features because they may and may not know about it.

One of its functions is to display data in visual form or in the form of graphics. Graphics are very important to show the process of developing a company or any other area. Its function is to be able to display in a general visual form so that users do not have to worry about calculating sales results or other things.

Graphics as a tool to explain colleagues or companies briefly and clearly. So that those who receive material on data from sales or other results don’t get bored.

Tutorial How to Create Microsoft Excel Charts Easily

The graphics also make it easy for users to see the trend of a sale or the state of a company. For the curious, let’s take a look at the following explanation:

Before we get into the discussion, there are some explanations about the nature of the graph. His review of various types and types of charts in Excel is as follows:

  • First bar chart (bar chart)
Create an Excel chart

is a chart typically used to make comparisons between data so that you can instantly see the degree of difference in the data.

  • Second line chart (line chart)
Microsoft Excel

This chart is a graph that is usually used to show the difference between an increase or a decrease in one sale or another.

  • third Pie Charts (Pie Charts)
Cake chart

It’s a type of diagram that is in the shape of a circle. Usually to show a comparison of the percentage of data. And many more types of charts in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel graphics tutorial

  • First, open the Microsoft Excel application
  • Then select “Blank Workbook” to create new data on a blank Excel worksheet
  • Enter a dataset to create a chart. For example, data on the sale of a product
  • Then select the data or block in the table that will be used to create a chart, then select the Insert menu tab, and then select the chart you want.
  • Excel provides a “Recommendation Chart” feature designed to help users who do not yet understand the charts available in Microsoft Excel.
  • If you haven’t found a chart that suits your needs, you can select the All Charts menu to see all of the available charts.
How to Create Microsoft Excel Charts
  • Excel already offers a direct preview function so that we can see without making a selection by moving the cursor over the available chart area.
How to Create Microsoft Excel Charts

Select the chart, then click OK. The chart is automatically created in the Microsoft Excel worksheet area

  • If you want to change the title, we will first block the writing and then replace it with a title related to the data
How do I create Microsoft Excel charts?
  • Then if you want to design or change the graphic, just click on the graphic. Then select the Design menu to change the diagram accordingly so that you can make the graphic even more interesting.
How to Create Microsoft Excel Charts
  • In addition, Excel also offers formatting capabilities by clicking the chart and then selecting the format menu at the top of the worksheet. Its function is to change text and images.
How to Create Microsoft Excel Charts

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So that was the article that described how to easily create charts in Microsoft Excel. So it’s easy, isn’t it? that is, by entering the data first and then you can create the chart. Hopefully useful, friend Vexa Game.

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