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How to download mobile legend data quickly

How to Download Mobile Legend Data Quickly – Have you ever played Mobile Legends and the hero you or your opponent is using is in the shape of a white circle? This is of course very annoying because the shape of the hero in the form of a circle you can not see the movement of the hero as usual, so the game is not optimal.

Apparently this happened when the downloaded Mobile Legend game data was not 100%. This case usually occurs after you’ve just downloaded Mobile Legend or deleted Mobile Legend game data.

Downloads that are not full also make some match modes such as Brawl and Survival unplayable. Of course, such things are very disturbing and uncomfortable for Mobile Legend gamers.

How to download mobile legend data quickly
Quickly download mobile legend data

Generally, if your download data is not full, you will have to wait for the data to download by itself. Unfortunately, this process takes quite a long time to become impatient at times.

How to download mobile legend data quickly

Fortunately, there are ways to make Mobile Legend data download faster. Here’s a quick way to download Mobile Legend data:

  1. First, download the Mobile Legend data file from
  2. Make sure you have an application to open the archive file, such as B. ZArchiver. This application is required to extract the downloaded zip file. You can download ZArchiver from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  3. Open ZArchiver or a similar application. Then go to the internal storage or device storage, enter the Android folder and then enter the data folder.
  4. Inside the data folder is a Mobile Legend data file that is in a folder called Delete the folder.
  5. After that, go to the download or wherever you put the Mobile Legend data file you downloaded earlier. Tap the file and then press the extract button ?? to extract the files to the desired folder.
  6. Go to Internal Storage (Device Storage)> Android> Data. Then press the round extraction button to start the extraction process.
  7. When the extraction process is complete, you can open the Mobile Legend game right away.

How to speed up Mobile Legends 2021 data downloads, hopefully it will be useful!